2016 Aspirations

I’ve been getting the feeling recently, that 2016 is going to be a year for change and improvement; 2015 for me was a year of ups and downs and I’m determined to make this year better. I have lots of hopes and things which I want to accomplish and do throughout 2016 and I feel more confident than ever that I am going to achieve them.

Blog More / Seriously
As I mentioned in my 2016 Blog Goals post, Read it here. This year I plan to take blogging so much more seriously than what I initially did at the beginning. I’ve found recently that it is something which truly makes me happy and I want to knuckle down and dedicate a lot of time and effort to it throughout this year. Already I have seen a lot of improvement and activity on my blog and it honestly makes me so happy. 
Get in Shape
Despite being relativity slim, I am possibly one of the most ‘unfit’ and ‘unactive’ people you could ever come across in your life. This year I really want to put a lot of effort in to getting fit and healthy.
Spend more time outside
Currently it’s the winter so this is one which I can’t really act upon yet without freezing to death, but throughout the rest of this year I want to spend more time visiting different places, photographing more scenery and enjoying my time with my friends, and loved ones, rather than sitting inside on my phone constantly.
Buy a new Camera
If you look through the various photographs on my blog you’ll easily be able to tell that they aren’t great quality! Before my birthday in March I want to have bought myself a new camera so I can actually take good quality photographs for both my Blog and Instagram account. This is something I have literally been planning on doing since my last camera broke last year, but I haven’t got around to actually saving the money and buying one yet.
Be wiser with money.
I am literally the worst when it comes to money, my ability to save money is practically none existent, If I’m not spending it on food or clothes, I’m ordering things online which in reality I don’t necessarily need. This year I’m planning on saving up more money than what I have in the past and actually put it towards valuable things worth having.
Learn to drive / Buy my first car
In March I turn 17 years old, and practically the only thing I want for my birthday is driving lessons. I am far beyond excited to learn to drive, probably for the wrong reasons; such as late night trips to McDonalds with my boyfriend and road trips to different pretty, photographic locations. The very idea of it makes me the happiest person ever.
Expand my wardrobe
I really want to change up my style a little this year, try new things and venture a little outside my comfort zone, not because I’m bored of dressing the way I currently do, I’m not whatsoever! But because I feel like I’m playing it too safe, sticking to things which don’t make me anxious / nervous to wear and not wearing different things I like.