4 Blogging Misconceptions

When it comes to blogging there are SO MANY misconceptions. When I started my blog back in late 2015, I can admit I did have a few misunderstandings. 16 year old me definitely believed that it would be much easier to launch and manage a blog than it is. I believed it would be easy to grow a blog; I believed it would be easy to increase page views instantly.

Oh BOYYYYYY was I wrong.

Like me, a bunch of people enter into the blogosphere with a similar mindset, so think of this blog post as an insight into what it is actually like to launch a blog and be a blogger (!!)

Page views

So let’s start off with page views. It takes a hell of a long time to begin getting a decent amount of page views to your blog. I’m still working on this one myself as we speak. There’s not really a magic formula to it. There’s no easy way to instantly reach a thousand views on your blog, unless you’re all ready like super super popular online.
Gaining views on your blog comes part and parcel with the amount of followers you have online, the higher the number, and the more ‘engaged’ they are, the more views you will get per post.
Sure, some bloggers do manage to create a post that might happen to go viral: but having one viral post does not necessarily mean you’re going to have a consistent amount of views per month.
It all takes a lot of work and time, but eventually you’ll get there!


Okay, so this one is tied in with the idea I just mentioned. Followers, like page views are hard to gain. It really does take a lot of hard work to even begin to gain a following online, any blogger or Youtuber out there will know. It’s not one of those things that just happens naturally (!!) That’s right gaining even one thousand followers on any social media site is something that requires a lot of effort. It means consistent posting, consistent engagement etc… It’s taken me nearly two years to build a following of 24,100 people on Instagram. To some people that may seem like a high impressive number, to others it might not. However I am really proud of the fact that within such a small period of time I have managed to work super hard and earn every one of those followers.


‘Time’, it’s probably one of the main things I complain about (especially recently anyways.) Writing and producing a good quality blog post is something that can take quite a considerable amount of time. There is often a misunderstanding that bloggers can easily just come up with a blog post idea and have it up and out within a day. However this is not exactly the case. Sure, yes sometimes bloggers may be able to write up a post within an hour and have it published the same day. But for most of us it does take a considerable amount of time to get everything ready. When I am creating a blog post, depending on the post itself I’ll often make notes on my iPhone. Right from when the idea pops into my mind, I will be typing away notes, including everything from: topics I want to cover all the way down to how long it’ll take to complete. I might begin writing a draft, email it to myself, re-read it before completely restarting. Then there’s photography, editing, re-editing incase something was missed the first time.
It’s a very time consuming thing.

Free products just don’t get thrown your way.

It’s no secret that bloggers can be sent products from brands. It’s something most people dream of, and sadly in some situations is the primary reason people create their blogs. Whilst I’m not saying that it’s not okay to want a few freebies – I am saying that people who launch blogs for the sole purpose of receiving free items are definitely doing it for the wrong reasons. Anyways, there is definitely a misconception that bloggers constantly get freebies thrown their way. For most of us, the phrase ‘Could you get me *insert product* for free and put it on your blog’ – has become a repeatedly asked question.
In reality it is actually quite a challenge to be able to receive free products. Unless you’re a ‘multi hundred thousand follower’ blogger, the chances you’re going to be offered countless amounts of free products is very slim. It took me a long while before I began getting sent any type of products, possibly a year! Even now the offers are sparse

Overall, you could say that the purpose of this blog post was to share a small insight into the life of running a blog. There are tons of things I’ve missed and lots more detail I could’ve gone into.
Running a blog is hard work – combine that with a Youtube channel as well and you’re looking at almost all of your spare time being spent working away at your laptop. All bloggers work really really hard, and those who have achieved “success” and “fame” with their blogs (and even Youtube channels) are some of the hardest working people out there.
People see the more glamorous aspects of blogging as ‘luck’ with statements like – “you’re so lucky, you got sent that” being thrown left right and center, creating the impression that anyone could create a blog and instantly get “lucky.” Every piece of success online, every sponsored post, every free product is a symbol of lots and lots of hard work. So if you’re looking to create a blog purely for theseĀ potential perks, don’t waste you’re time unless you’re prepared to put in the time and effort!