4 Things I’m Looking Forward To This Summer

Okay, I can’t believe it’s finally time to be writing this post! It’s finally upon us everybody… Summer! Well, maybe not just yet for all of us, but we’re close enough hey! I guess you could say that I am looking forward to this summer more than any before. Why you might wonder? Well, there’s a whole list full of reasons; but primarily I’d say it’s because I’ve finally managed to get myself into a place mentally where I’m much more comfortable ‘getting out there.’ No I don’t mean anything too crazy (one step at a time hey!) You’re not going to see me jetting off to the other side of the world just yet. No, instead I mean that I am going to make the absolute most of my time and get my little butt outside and adventuring more.

I’ve seen a handful of posts like this across the wonderful world-wide web, and I thought that I may as well hop on the old bandwagon too and publish a ‘Things I’m Looking Forward To This Summer’ post.
Actually, these types of blog posts are possibly my favourite to read! I love hearing about other people’s dreams and plans and it really interests me to know what people are going to be getting up to. (I’m nosey I know!) For those of you who, like me are a little nosey and love reading other people s plans for the summer and the things they’re looking forward to, here are mine:

More work //

Nooooo I haven’t gone crazy (yet.) This summer I am definitely looking forward to working more…. Wild (!!) As I only work part time and balance my hours amongst college and my small social life, I’m excited to actually have more time to be able to cram some extra hours in at work.
More hours means more money! More money means more new products, more new clothes and more little adventures! It’s a win win win situation really.
I won’t be working endlessly though, don’t get me wrong I do like having a little extra money in my pocket; but I imagine it will only be another day a week. Nevertheless working that extra day will allow me to be able to spare some extra money for my other little plans.

More Adventures//

Jake and I have already decided that this summer we are going to spend as much time out of our town as possible. This is going to be the summer of making memories, going on adventures and seeing as much of our country as we can (within reason.) Recently we took our first little venture to Manchester and stayed over in the Principal Hotel. Let’s just say it definitely got us in the travelling mood! We’re planning to be out and about almost every single opportunity we get!

Sun Sun Sun//

I’ve never really been one of those ‘want to spend all day sunbathing’ kind of people. Infact for as long as I can remember I’ve been the complete opposite. This year however I am more excited than ever for the hot weather to come around. ┬áThe last couple of days here in the UK have been, well very ‘un-UK-like’, we’ve had warmer weather and clearer skies. It’s felt like a holiday abroad and I am loving it!

More Starbucks//

Yes… Starbucks is probably one of my favourite things in the world no matter what time of year it is! However in the summer I always seem to become twice as addicted.
All throughout the summer at almost every single opportunity you will find me in Starbucks. Iced Latte in hand and not a care in the world!

These are just some of the things I’m really looking forward to this Summer. What are you looking forward to (?!)