5 Anxiety Battling Tips

How To Help Your Anxiety
My best advice from personal experience

Anxiety is something which I think all of us typically face in some form almost every day. It’s definitely a challenging thing to face and to completely kick from your life. But it isn’t impossible. Anxiety comes in so many different forms and comes on many different ‘levels’. For example, one person may feel slightly nervous about a situation, another may be totally fine and the final person might be shaking with fear.
I personally suffer from a minor form of social anxiety. Different social situations affect me in different ways and have done for a very long time now.

Things that may seem like just something small to one person can be extremely different to another person and it can be hard for others to understand quite exactly why you’re as scared as you are over something they effortlessly do. Whether it be paying for something in a shop, or just being in a busy place.
Battling Anxiety is not always as simple as just ‘doing the things which scare you’ and it isn’t easy to necessarily push yourself to do the things which make you pale with fear. 
There are however, lots of different things you can do to help try and calm yourself down, ease any anxiety you may be feeling.

I’ll admit that I’m not a trained psychiatrist and my advice may not exactly work for everyone, these are just things which I find help me out during times when my anxiety is kicking in, so please don’t feel that if these things don’t work for you that there is nothing you can do to help yourself, these are just some of so many tips you can you try out.
If you think you are suffering from anxiety please get in touch with your Local GP or visit this link here. Feel free to contact me using the links above if you have any questions.


When you notice you’re staring to feel anxious focusing on your breathing can really help to regain control over your body. Concentrate on breathing in for around 5 seconds, and slowly releasing the breathe for another 5 seconds. Repeating this over and over until you feel yourself getting much calmer is a great technique that you can do almost everywhere.
Get lots of sleep

When you get lots of sleep you’re keeping your self and your brain in a healthy state. healthy body, healthy mind. When you’re less tired and your mind is clearer you’re going to process everything much better, and will feel a bit less anxious throughout the day.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Fueling your body with good food means that you will be getting the nutrients you need for both your brain and body to function at their best. This will help to manage your anxiety levels and keep you healthy.
Learn your triggers

Look for the times when you feel anxious, notice what is happening, where you are, what has been said, what has been done. If you look for a pattern in the situations which make you anxious and keep a note of them you’ll be able to adjust your every day life to fit in with them, and will be more aware of what is happening around you.

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Have you got any tips for dealing with anxiety? Comment your recommendations and ideas below.