5 Things That Make Me Happy

Our lives are always so busy, so much is always happening and it becomes easy to get lost in the flow of things and actually remember that we need to keep ourselves happy and do things for ourselves when we’re too busy distracted, thinking about other things and other people. I thought I’d take a moment to write down just a few of the things in my life which make me happy, and which I love to do, just as a little inspiration if you’re stuck looking for ways to fill the time.

1. Alone Time
This may sound like an extremely boring answer which some people might not relate to, but personally I love having my alone time, my own time to really enjoy my own company, just relax and unwind from the day. Time without the distractions of social media, the stress of everyday life, time to be alone with my thoughts and process and just sit back and watch a film and let all my troubles fade.

2. Coffee
Getting up in the morning, putting the kettle on and making that first cup of warm coffee that kick starts your day is a must for me. Whether the coffee be milky, black, sweet or plain a cup of coffee always gives me that little boost I need to get through the morning and really lifts my mood.

3. Shopping
Something about shopping really makes me smile. I love going out for the day, to a nice city, town or shopping center and then coming home with lots of new clothes and products. I love discovering new things which I might have not known before and the social aspect of it too. There is nothing better than a nice day out with friends or a loved one treating yourself to some new products.

4. Comfort
Specifically in the evening. There is nothing I love more than coming home after a long day at work or college, tired and hungry and craving my bed, washing my face or having a shower, putting on some comfortable clothes and taking my place on my bed with my laptop where I won’t move for a good few hours. It makes such a difference sitting there in a pair of comfortable jogging bottoms and a loose t-shirt after a long day in skinny jeans, giving your body the time to breathe and relax before you go to sleep.

5. Socializing
As well as my alone time, one thing which makes me really happy is the time I share with other people, whether it be friends or family members it’s nice to just spend time with other people, talking and having fun, whether it be at home, at a restaurant or just out on a walk.

These are just some of a very long list of things which make me happy and which I’m grateful for in life. What makes you happy?