5 Tips To Improve Your Instagram Feed

As you’ll already know if you follow me, I am OBSESSED with Instagram. I’m constantly posting new photos and following people, it’s just something I really enjoy. I commonly get lots of different direct messages from people asking for help or advice on their accounts to help improve the flow of their photos and all around look of their account, so I thought I’d share with you my top tips for improving your Instagram.

Find your own style
The first tip I could possibly think of would be to find ‘your’ style. I know this isn’t exactly the most clear tip but I’ll try and break it down for you: find things that you like to photograph, find your own technique for taking photos; angle, brightness etc, find a colour scheme that you like and really try and reflect your personality through the photos.

Edit EVERYTHING the same
To make sure all your pictures have a similar look about them try editing all of them in the exact same or at least an extremely similar way to make them look as close to each other as possible.
Obviously if your editing technique involves increasing the brightness make sure you don’t work out a good balance when increasing the brightness of an already pretty bright photo in comparison to increasing the brightness of a dark photo.

Don’t change theme halfway
I see so many accounts where the owner keeps jumping from one theme to another almost every week, it makes everything look really inconsistent and messy, for example having a really bright photo based theme and then instantly jumping to a dark one for me just makes an account look very messy. Usually if I am changing my theme I’ll delete all of the photos from my account and start again, or alternatively you could post a theme divider / three blank photos to separate the change in theme; doing this just helps to keep things looking much tidier and clean.

Don’t just post ‘everything’
What I mean by this is to not post lots of photos of near enough everything you come across, take care and time and actually choose the best photos from your snaps to post, after all, a small amount of good photos is much more appealing to look at (and to follow) than a spam of photos which look like they have had a lack of thought behind them.

Stay active, post regularly
Posting regularly and filling your account with photos which all correspond together will create a really nice, professional and appealing account.