Let Me Explain…

Personalities amaze me. They’re something which everyone has. People who’ve grown up living together, people who’ve been life long friends, they can all be so different from one another and I think it’s such an amazing beautiful thing.
There are people who are very sociable, there are people who are not. There are people who like to go out partying, there are people who don’t. There are people who spend their free time blogging, there are people who don’t.

Being a student, I am constantly surrounded by different kinds of people. There are those who seem to have everything figured out, who know what they want to do in life, how they’re going to get there and don’t seem to hold any uncertainty in them. There are different groups of people, who group together depending on different personality aspects, or interests that they all have. It’s a beautiful thing.

This last week I guess you could say I’ve been feeling a little unsure of a few things. The usual teenage worries such as “Do I want to go to Uni? How am I going to get all this coursework finished? What job do I want in the future”… Y’know? That sorta stuff.

Then there’s been the whole concept of the fact that I don’t really know anyone with the same interests as me? Besides Jake, I don’t know anyone who enjoys writing a blog, taking photographs, Instagram (to the same degree that I do), Youtube etc… Everyone around me seems to be participating in things that I simply just have no interest in. The idea of going to parties just doesn’t appeal to me. The idea of going to town and staying out late is sooooo far from my concept of a good night, that I may as well be from another country.

This last week or so I guess you could say that it’s something which has been sitting on my mind?

Don’t get me wrong I have no problem with it. I love my life, and I’m very content with everything the way it is. I guess I’ve just only come to terms with the fact that I’m possibly the odd one out? It’s made me feel just a little isolated, and it’s eating away at my motivation to write more content, to make more videos. Not because I don’t want to, but because my motivation has well and truly hit a slump following all this reflecting.

I just thought I owed you all a little explanation? As to why I haven’t exactly been producing the same type of content recently. Hopefully this will pass! 🙂 Have any of you ever experienced similar feelings / thoughts?…

  • I’ve definitely felt the same way before. That sort of feeling where you don’t know what you’re supposed to do or how you’re supposed to act, or if there even is a way you’re supposed to do something. You feel? But a few close friends of mine told me that even if I had made the wrong choice (like going to one school over another) there was always another path I could take xx


  • I’m glad I stumbled across this because I feel like you’re describing me. The society I live in, where I come from (Nigeria) to be precise, most people/adults are hell bent on their children becoming doctors, lawyers or engineers. Its pretty depressing. I was blessed enough to have parents who were unlike the mass majority and encouraged me to explore my arts (science has never and will never be for me) in terms of painting and writing and fashion. That’s not to say I don’t feel left out though. Like you said, staying out late or partying has never been my scene. Hey, maybe I just assume the worst but its never been an interest of mine and now that ill be graduating in a few months, I’m definitely wondering what I’m gonna do with myself in the future.
    WOW, this is LONG. Okay, sorry if you loose interest at this unnecessarily long comment but what I’m trying to say is that a lot of people go through what you’re going through (guilty) but one thing that keeps me going and motivated is the fact that I believe that somewhere out there, what I’m doing (even the littlest thing) can positively impact someone. So whenever you feel ‘isolated’ or like the ‘odd one out’, remember that each person was created to be different and shine in their own way XD
    Hope this helped and I’m really sorry for the long message ahah. God bless.