A Little Note (♡!!)


Hello again you lovely people! It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve written a ‘life catch up’ blog post, it probably hasn’t been that long really, but it does feel like quite some time. The last month or so have been very VERY busy. As you may know if you’ve been following me on Twitter or Instagram,I have been primarily (entirely) preoccupied with college work for the last bunch of weeks – this is why my content has been so inconsistent, and why I haven’t published a YouTube video for nearly two months!
However I am all finished with college now for the summer, meaning the next two and a half months are going to be filled with lots and lots of new blog posts,videos and vlogs (!!)

Talking of videos; I have luckily been allowed to borrow a DSLR camera from my college for the entire summer, meaning that I will be shooting all of my videos on there rather than on my phone (gettin’ all professional.) I’m going to be uploading both videos and vlogs weekly now so be sure to subscribe to both of my channels.


Main Channel  >>> here <<<

Second Channel >>> here <<<



You may have noticed that I am also now posting two blog posts a week (!!!)  That’s right, two blog posts: one going up every Sunday night and one going up every Wednesday night. As for Youtube, I should be uploading hopefulllly every Wednesday and a vlog on Sunday; keep an eye on my twitter @jaacobblackwell for all information regarding Youtube videos!

So that’s all I have for you, a short but sweet little insight into what’s going to be happening with my future uploads for the next few months! See you all Wednesday 🙂