A Very Zoella Christmas

Bath Latte | Zoella Beauty
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Alright, I’m going to admit it now… These are the first products from any of Zoella’s lines that I’ve owned, but they certainly won’t be the last. This year has seen a new area of presents make their way into my possession, and that’s Youtube related products, specifically as you can already tell, from Zoella.

For the last couple of months, mainly when I was personally getting back into Youtube itself Jake and I have spent countless hours watching Zoella’s videos, everything from some of her older ‘Favourites” videos, to 24 days of Zoella and Vlogmas. Obviously this meant that we’d seen her mention and use a number of her products, both old and new.
I guess Jake picked up on this and surprised me with one of her older products, the “bath latte.” (Which was one of the products I’d picked up on whilst watching her and repeatedly mentioned.) I couldn’t resist but to try it out as soon as I got upstairs later that morning and instantly fell in love.
Let’s just start with the bottle design and the packaging. I mean honestly, how adorable is it? The bath latte comes in a cute 1920’s style milk bottle, branded with a stylish yet sweet label in blue and gold. I love the design and the detail which have gone into it, it’s something which I think appeals to such a wide audience and to me at least, giving off a retro-ish, friendly vibe. The bath latte itself has such a sweet scent to it, yet it’s one which isn’t too strong and overpowering and that’s something I love in a product. I personally find that scents that are too sweet can be quite sickly after a little while and I tend not to use them as often as I could. When using the product itself I found that it has the best effect if you put it in as soon as you turn the water on, this could just be me being fussy, this may be something all of you already do but for some reason it just seemed to work better. Leaving it too long before actually putting bath products (besides bath bombs of course) in the bath doesn’t really have as much of an impact as what it could have initially. The bath latte overall was a product which made my skin feel super soft and moisturised and left me feeling super cosy and fresh to continue on with my day and it’s definitely something which I’m going to continue to buy and use. I apologise for the fact that I didn’t use my own photograph of the product, I’d already opened it when I started writing this post and didn’t really like how the photographs were turning out! The credit for this lovely image has been linked under the product title, along with the review from Lucie Leanne so be sure to go and check that out!

My Eden Candle | Zoella Lifestyle

My Mum seemed to have caught onto my keen interest in Zoella’s products as on Christmas morning I was pleasantly surprised to open up this cute little candle that her and my younger Brother had bought for me. I must admit I was a little bit dubious at first… As much of a candle lover as I am, I am extremely picky with the scents that I have in my room and the chances of me finding one which I love enough to want is usually very slim. However my Mum, Brother and Zoella hit the nail on the head with this candle.
The candle itself has a very flowery smell, which whether intentional or not, to me smells very familiar to the scent which hits you when you first walk into Lush. This scent however is not as strong meaning it’s not too overpowering and instead fills your room with a pleasant, fresh smelling scent which is nice enough to put anyone in a good mood.
It may just be me, but something about having a candle or two in a room just instantly makes it that little bit more cosy and inviting, and it’s safe to say Zoella’s candles are going to be a permanent fixture to my bedroom, whether this particular one, or one of the other scents she has to offer. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.