A Wintry Weekend

*Long, chatty, messy post ahead*

It’s been one weird little weekend. As I’m currently writing this it’s 10.45pm – I’ve been off college all day due to the snow (and I am also tomorrow.) I’ve spent the weekend watching Christmas movies and eating really good food. It’s like all of my Christmas wishes have come at once.
I realised earlier today I hadn’t written a long chatty post in such a long time, and it felt like such a wonderful time to just tell you all what I’ve been up to.


Over the last week particularly I’ve spent the majority of my time with this goon (Jake)….┬ásurprise surprise. We’ve spent near enough the last bunch of weeks doing our college work – binge watching Youtube and spent many MANY hours napping. (Oh and I’ve realised napping when returning from college is possibly my favourite thing to do… EVER)

Anyways… On Saturday that’s just passed (9th December) my family, Jake and I all headed out for our yearly Christmas meal. It was such a lovely day; filled with joy, love and happiness! I had, possibly the nicest food I’ve ever tried; some delicious halloumi fries, a beautiful Christmas dinner and a cookie and ice cream combo for dessert that was to die for.

On the 30th of November, I began taking Roaccutane.
Finally, following the long process of repeatedly visiting my GP, being prescribed new products to try out, going back and so on so forth. I was referred to the dermatologist who prescribed me Roaccutane.
Whilst Roaccutane is a strong, controversial medicine I am hoping that it a number of months I’ll finally see an improvement in my skin!

This weekend we were absolutely bombarded with snow. Lots and lots of snow. I woke up on Friday morning to the surprise that the entire street was white. It lasted near enough all weekend and whilst the snow has stopped falling now, is very much still there!

I’ve been working away writing some new blog posts and filming/editing new Youtube videos, so make sure you keep an eye on all of my social media accounts to know when they’re all coming out!

Talk soon babessss!