Autumn Admiration


A collection of Images I’ve taken so far this Autumn  


s you’ll know if you read my Embracing Autumn post, I absolutely love this season, it’s my favourite one of the entire year and almost everything about it just makes me want to scream ‘Yes’. Autumn is so photogenic, and this week I was let loose in the park in my town as I had an hour to spare, so I thought the opportunity was more than perfect to use my time taking some Photographs on my iPhone. 

You have to admit though, Autumn is something special, the colours. seasonal drinks and amount of oversized jumpers that are going to be filling my life make me beyond happy and as I’m studying Photography at college this year, you can expect to see a lot more Autumnal Photographs which are going to be of a much higher quality than the ones on this post today… I was actually planning this post for last weekend, I borrowed a DSLR Camera from College (as I don’t actually own one myself yet) and was all set to go out and take some images of the already falling leaves, but due to the really bad weather I had to postpone it and sort of just do the best I could with a bad situation. Hopefully you won’t be too picky and won’t mind that the images in this post may not be the best quality they could be, but there will be many many more posts with Autumn Photography to come, whether that’s a good thing or bad thing, I’ll let you decide.

Saying I ‘love‘ the colours of Autumn is an understatement.
The Oranges, Reds and Yellows just look so beautiful to me and I always
see Autumn as such an amazing Photography opportunity