Could These Be The Best Bath/Body Products?

 Being by Sanctuary


Ohhhh this is a post I’ve been looking forward to writing. Like, really REALLY looking forward to writing. Yes there is the need for the second, capitalized ‘really.’ I was that excited (!!!) Now you guys might already know that I happen to LOVE bath and body products. Yanno, the ones you can use to make a bath that extra bit more luxurious, the products that you treat your skin with once getting out of the bath… Yeah that sorta stuff.

A week or two ago I was emailed by the lovely team at Being by Sanctuary, who asked to send me out some products to review! Obvvvs I said yes as discovering new brands and products is absolutely one of my favourite things to do


~ I was sent these products to review. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way ~



~ Body Lotion ~

As you may be able to tell by the photograph I was sent the ‘Salted Caramel & Macadamia’ body lotion. The first thing I want to talk about here – and probably with every single product in this post... is the smell.
Oh myyyyyyy. Honestly I’ve never been a ‘salted caramel’ type of person. Whether it came to coffee or beauty products it’s never been something which has interested me. However, THIS…. is something else.
The scent is heavenly… One of the nicest, most scrumptious – could eat right now, wow.. things ever (!!) Infact I would happily head out and purchase every single product they have in this scent, right now if I could. Not only does the body lotion smell amazing, but it also leaves your skin feeling as soft and refreshed as can be!

The body lotion costs £7.50 and the products description is
“”A deliciously yummy blend of oozy salted caramel and rich, nutty macadamia oil. Loaded with cocoa butter, caramel and showered with nut oil, our unquestionably quenching body lotion leaves skin feeling fantastically soft, nourished and smelling good enough to eat.”



~ Body Mist ~

Am I a scent person? I guess you could say I am. Whilst I’ve never really been one to go out and purchase my own aftershave, perfume or body mists I do have a sneaky habit of borrowing them from who ever is around me. Am I lazy in that department? I guess you could say so.
It was such a pleasant surprise to be able to add this body mist to my slowly growing collection. I think it might actually be my new fave. I have the “Cloudberry and Lychee Blossom” scent and it is GORGEOUS (!!)

The product costs £5.00 and the products description is
“A unique blend of super fruity cloudberry and intensely juicy lychees. Vibrant, berrylicious bursts of our tempting Cloudberry and Lychee Blossom fragrance will leave you smelling good enough to eat.”



~ Hand Cream ~

Another BEAUTIFUL product. I love love love this one (!!) My hands have never smelt so good. The scent I received was ‘Hibiscus & Coconut water’ and it smells gorgeous. Not only does the hand cream leave your hands smelling as beautiful as can be, it also makes them super super soft.

The product costs £5.o0 and the description is
“Serving up our fresh and tropical island favourites, a lush fusion of juicy coconut water and sweet hibiscus flower. Crammed with shea butter and drizzled with coconut oil, our ridiculously hydrating hand cream leaves skin feeling gorgeously soft and smelling good enough to eat.”



~ Body Scrub ~

Okay now this one may possibly be my absolute favourite of the bunch. The ‘Chilli Mango & Tonka Bean’ Body Scrub is probably my favourite smelling out of all the products (!!) It smells AMAZING. It’s one of those scents that smells really fresh and fruity – It reminds me of a beach holiday? I don’t know why, maybe it reminds me of orange ice lollies. Either way it’s a delicious, beautiful scent that I love. The body scrub has instantly become my favourite bath / shower necessity.

The product costs £9.00 and the description is
“Unleash a mouth-watering cocktail of exotic, plump mangoes sprinkled with a cheeky kick of warm spice. Jam-packed with skin friendly exfoliating sugar and salt grains, our smashing body scrub leaves skin feeling soft, outrageously smooth and smelling good enough to eat.”



~ Body Butter ~

Ever since I opened this body butter…. I have not stopped using it! The ‘Water Lotus & Pomelo’ Body Butter smells absolutely GORGEOUS. It’s one of those products you could smell for hours and never get bored of – which is probably a good thing, considering once you rub this body butter all up on ya, the scent stays there for a V long time (No complaints from me.)

This product costs £10.00 and the description is
“Serving up our fresh and tropical island favourites, a lush fusion of juicy coconut water and sweet hibiscus flower. Crammed with cocoa and shea butter, drizzled with sweet almond oil, our utterly brilliant butter leaves skin feeling wonderfully hydrated for 24 hours and smelling good enough to eat.”



Have you checked out any of their products? Are you going to? Share your thoughts below!