Birthday Partyyyyy Babyyyy

I’m not really a big birthday celebrator. I never have been. The thought of having large parties has never really been an idea which has interested me. The idea of a “birthday night out”, is as far from my ideal night as can be.
I’m a bit of an introvert I suppose.
Last Sunday (19th March) marked the date of my 18th birthday….Waheeeyyy finally an adult (?!)
To celebrate, my family, Jake and I all took a trip to a restaurant >>> Pen Y Bont Farm <<<< and spent near enough three hours eating delicious food, taking photographs and making memories. After which we headed back to my Gran’s house for a little celebratory family party and some cake! (Well, cake one of two anyway.)

Jake and I have a little trip planned out for the upcoming Monday, in celebration of his birthday we’re going on a little day out to Manchester to visit sea life (omg omg omg I’m actually beyond excited for that, you have NO idea) and to have a little shopping spree!

P E R F E C T.

What’s your ideal way to spend your birthday? Do you prefer smaller little plans like ours? Or bigger parties / get togethers?

>>>PS: I hope you don’t mind this chatty mini life update, normal posts will resume this week!<<<