Blogs I’m LOVING rn

I had a few different little ideas for today’s post, so last night I tweeted a poll asking you guys which blog post you wanted me to write most. So here it is!….

~ Blogs I’m LOVING rn ~

I’m one of those bloggers who doesn’t exactly always read the same blogs. I tend to be the type of person to just scroll down Twitter, Instagram or Bloglovin+ and read the posts which catch my eye. So if there is a blog which I like and read regularly, it has to be one I really REALLY like.
There are blogs I’ve liked since before I created my own blog, there are blogs which I only discovered a little later on in life. Each blog I’m going to mention I love for individual reasons. I believe that everyone (or every blog, I should say) has something about them which makes them unique, and it tends to be the blogs that express the bloggers uniqueness that I love the most. I love discovering a blogger and connecting with them personally, rather than just reading an ‘un-personal’ post – do you know what I mean?

I’ll explain.

Surely Zoella (Zoe Sugg) is someone all of you have heard of at least once. I actually stumbled across Zoe’s blog, before discovering her Youtube channel. That’s right back in the days when it was hosted on Blogger with the dotty pink background layout. Zoe’s blog was probably the main blog that inspired me to launch my own. The writing tone of her posts, the way she made each post so personal but to the point, was definitely something I admired and still love to this day. Reading her posts inspired me to want to create my own blog, and begin sharing content in a similar way… Not to mention her photography is just beautiful

Now this is a blog I only actually discovered towards the middle of 2016, but ohh boyy I am glad I did. is a beautifully designed blog ran by the ever so lovely Victoria. Whilst I feel it sounds somewhat diminishing to say that it’s her blog design and photography which made me fall in love with her blog, but it is also partly (very) true. Her blog and every blog post are beautifully designed with soso much visible effort going into everything she posts…. It really pays off. is a blog which covers a whole variety of topics, from fashion to travel and advice there’s a million and one things to read on there, each post written in such a sophisticated and professional, yet friendly and positive manner that makes it so enjoyable to read.
I often comment on various posts on her blog and even get replies to my comments almost every time, the fact she takes the time to respond and listen to her readers again just adds to the friendly / professional atmosphere that repeatedly draws me back. is a New York / Street Style blog ran by blogger Danielle Bernstein. It’s a blog that couldn’t be aimed any more at a demographic that I am the complete opposite of, yet I have been constantly following it for a while now. Weworewhat is another one of the old, before I made a blog discoveries. Like Zoella’s blog it’s one which inspired me to launch my own personal blog. However I actually like this blog for possibly a complete opposite reason. Whilst Danielle doesn’t necessarily write lengthy blog posts, she conveys her personality through her style and outfits (which I must confess even I am envious of.) Her blog is very minimalistic, which is something I love as it keeps the focus purely on her looks and content, I follow her on Instagram and Snapchat and have been keeping up with all the latest posts on her blog for a really long time now, coming back for look after look after look.

Wanderlust Girl

Another newbie, but definitely one to stay.
I actually came across this blog after Kyia commented on one of my older posts (or I commented on hers first?! I’m really not sure if I’m honest with you.) It’s one of those blogs which covers all angles, sharing all sorts of content. Those are the kinda blogs I love. It’s a blog filled with bundles of advice, talkative little posts, beauty posts and more… All of it combined with some damnn impressive photography. It’s just one of those blogs I could browse for hours and not get bored of – y’know?
It’s definitely one to check out.

What are some of your favourite blogs at the moment? ~ What are your methods when finding new blogs to read?