Busy Blogger

I think by now we’ve all come to the conclusion that I’m not exactly the most ‘active’ person, this applies to Blogging, Instagram and pretty much every public account I have. Once again life has caught up with me, I’ve been over-run with college work, I’ve been busy socially and have had very little time amongst my busy schedule to actually sit down and write anything really worth reading.
I honestly HATE doing just simple shoppable blogposts as they’re really not the type of posts I initially set out to be writing when I launched my blog late last year.
So I do apologize for my terrible up-keep of my blog but I have been trying my best to work everything in around my schedule and now that college has come to an end for this year I am very likely to be posting a lot more and writing a lot more content that is actually interesting as I will have and be doing a lot more in my free time.