Current ASOS Wishlist

In all honesty, this last week or so I’ve really been hit with a big o’l case of writers block. Blog post ideas have been popping up and slipping out of my mind. I’ve been starting posts and just not been able to finish them. It’s been one hell of a week, and I really have not enjoyed it.

Something about not actually putting a blog post out, really gets to me. I can’t stand it. What doesn’t help is that, I’ve really wanted to be writing content, taking blog photographs and working my butt off to get it all out for you all… Yet my creative juices haven’t been flowing in the way I anticipated and I’ve found myself struggling to even write one paragraph.

I’ll admit it already, I’m still struggling a little. But whilst I haven’t necessarily got a long kick ass blog post to share with you, I thought I’d just give you a little insight into the things that are currently on my ASOS Wishlist.

Yes this post isn’t going to appeal to everyone, I know that. But for those of you who are a little bit nosy like me, who love to have a peak into other peoples lives and interests, here are the products I really.. REALLY want to buy from ASOS.

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Ray-Ban Keyhole Sunglasses

Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Oversized Denim Jacket In Blue

ASOS Skinny Cropped Jeans With Extreme Knee Rips In Light Blue

Fila Vintage Hoodie With Small Logo

Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Oversized Hoodie In Pink Overdye

ASOS Retro Trainers in Relaxed Grey Faux Suede

TALL Bomber Jacket With MA1 Pocket In Burgundy

Pull&Bear Skinny Fit Jeans With Rip And Repair Detail In Black

New Love Club Evil Bunny Hoodie