Dealing With Negativity




ullying is something which honestly really bugs me. I can’t tolerate it in any form, whether it’s happening to someone I know well, or a complete stranger. Nowadays the majority of our lives have shifted their way onto the internet, and unfortunately the bullying and negativity has shifted with it.
Whether you’re someone who chooses to open up more online, like a blogger, youtuber or anything really; or someone who likes to keep theirself to theirself…We’re all victims of online hate and bullying in one form or another, and it can be very hard to deal with if we haven’t been through it before. Life is a learning process and nobody is prepared for anything, I certainly wasn’t raised and taught to ignore what people comment on my Instagram posts or message about me on Facebook. Like anything in life it gets easier with practice, and whilst we can’t completely get rid of online hate, we can make it easier to ignore and cope with. I can’t exactly promise that after reading this blog post you’re going to be fully equipped with the skills you need to go out and live a happy, perfectly drama free life and ignore everything that’s said about you, because that really won’t be the case. These tips are just things which personally have worked and continue to work for me, and make it just that extra bit easier to get on with life and not let things affect me as much as they could.
Whilst blocking someone who is commenting hurtful things, or messaging you hurtful things doesn’t necessarily get rid of the problem entirely… if you remove the negative person from your life and stop them from being able to send or comment the things they’re saying, you’re instantly preventing more things from being said.. When arguing with someone, often the other person will not give you the chance to defend yourself or get your point across and if they do, it’s extremely unlikely they’ll actually listen to and consider what you’re going to say. In situations like this it’s almost always just easier to remove yourself from the situation entirely. Block, Smile, Repeat.

Everyone is living their own life, dealing with their own problems and fighting their own battles, and naturally people tend to take that out on others, without necessarily meaning to. This happens so often and really isn’t an uncommon thing. Chances are if someone is being hurtful towards you, their is something wrong with their own life.. Does this make it okay? Not at all, but it’s a reason enough for you to not respond in a similar way, be mature and respectful and simply leave it be, unless of course the problem persists, in which case, address it.

Talk about it
Don’t spend your time suffering alone, talk to your parent/s or friends about it. “A problem shared is a problem halved. The majority of the time they will try and help with your situation, if not sort it finally. Get other peoples opinions, their outlooks can often help widen your perspective and somewhat reassure you that everything will be okay.
Focus on you

Focusing your energy and effort back on yourself and making yourself happy can help to relieve the stress you may have been feeling, and also distract you from anything that’s being said about you. Throw your favourite film on, grab your favourite snacks, be around your friends and loved ones and focus your energy on something much more positive. Keep yourself in a happy space and state of mind.

“Does it matter”

Only we can decide what we let affect us, and 99% of the time spend our lives worrying about what other people are saying or stressing over whats been said. We can’t control other people, only ourselves and that means we get to decide what we let have an impact on our lives. If something is said about you, and it doesn’t matter or affect your life in any way, don’t react, don’t reply, don’t let it get to you. Just delete it, Block them and move on from it.. It’s the hardest but easiest way.


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