Easy Christmas Present Ideas




Today’s the day everybody! I’ve finally made my much awaited return to the world of Youtube with a new little Christmas Present Idea’s video. This blog post is sort of going to be a little bit of a recap for those of you who don’t necessarily want to watch, because let’s face it not everybody likes Youtube videos…
Whilst I’m not necessarily the best or most organised person in the world when it comes to buying Christmas presents, I have a small selection of things which you could say are my “go to” ideas when I don’t know what to get someone for Christmas. Is this “cheating?” or taking the easy way out? I guess it could be, but nothing which I mention would make a disappointing present in any way.



If you’ve been reading my blog for a little while now you’ll already know I am a huge fan of Lush and their products. Not only does Lush have amazing products throughout the year, but their Christmas range is pretty spectacular as well. Lush’s collection of pre-wrapped gift boxes make the perfect little present for someone to open up on Christmas Day!
Last year I was given one by Jake and also bought one for my Mum and let’s just say nobody was disappointed. The Lush gift boxes are filled to the brim with various different products ranging all the way from Bath Bombs to Body Glitter… There’s definitely a box there for everyone, or of course you could just purchase the products individually (which is just as much fun)


Candles are one of my favourite things! There’s nothing I love more than getting home, lighting a beautiful scented candle and relaxing in my bedroom!
By now, pretty much everybody has heard of the candle brand “Yankee”, and if you haven’t I don’t know where you’ve been hiding all your life. Yankee always release a perfect collection of Christmas candles at this time of year. Whilst I’m yet to actually purchase one for myself Jake and I have already basically smelt all of the ones available during our various trips to town… Anyway, Yankee candles are always such a cute little gift you could get someone at Christmas (well at any time of the year actually) as they’re going to basically make anyone you purchase one for a very happy person.


Is this one a bit of a lazy present?… I guess in some ways you could say that. Nevertheless buying someone vouchers is always such a good Christmas present idea when you don’t necessarily know what to get them. For as long as I can remember I’ve always been given gift vouchers off my family members for Christmas, and the best thing is you can basically buy them for near enough every shop there is!


I am a self-confessed phone case addict and if you know someone who like me is constantly buying and changing phone cases, you always have a go-to present for them! Some people love phone cases, some people hate them. I have a little collection of around thirty of them in my drawer at home and if I was given more for Christmas I wouldn’t exactly be displeased…. So if you know someone who you think may be a phone case addict, hit them up with a case or two as a present this year!


Check out my video below: