Exam Results Day Tips

So it’s that time of year where everyone is receiving their results from their recent exams, the final grades which sum up all the hard work from the past number of years. Opening up the letter or email which is going to tell you your results can be such a nerve wracking experience, it can lead to happiness or sadness and has an impact on your future but also your self esteem. I went through my GCSE results day only this time last year and honestly the entire day gave me the worst anxiety for a small number of combined reasons. Expectation was high, emotions were higher and everyone I knew was feeling a similar way to me. Scared.
I thought I’d write down a few tips  for any of you who are going to be getting your exam results soon to help make it easier and to help battle any anxiety you may be having.

Be around friends.
Surrounding yourself with people who are going to support you and make you happy is such a great way to make the day a little bit better for yourself. Have a fun time, make each other laugh and smile and take your minds off everything a little. Try not to concentrate on the day too much, try not to dwell on or overthink what results you’re going to get or have just received. Think positively and smile, and this is something much that’s a bit easier to do when you’re with your friends.
Stay in your comfort zone.
Usually on results days, after everyone has got their results all privacy seems to go out the window, everyone is showing each other what results they got, comparing how they have done in certain subjects and are dying to know how their friends have done compared to them. If your friends are pressuring you to show them what you got it can make you feel a little uncomfortable and unaware of what to do. I personally did not want to do the whole ‘standing around showing and asking’ situation, I’m a naturally quite anxious and private person about personal things, and to me the idea of comparing results sent my anxiety into overdrive. If you do not want to compare results with your friends, don’t feel that you have to just because everyone else is, do what makes you feel happy and comfortable.

Don’t compare yourself.
Comparing, it’s something we all do, yet it’s one of the worst things we can do. Especially on days like results days it’s hard to not compare how you’ve done in comparison with other people. Results will be posted all over social media, parents will be posting them, your friends will be posting them, even the people you’ve accepted just for the sake of it will be posting their results too, and with so many results out their it’s natural that you’re going to compare your success with other peoples. Honestly try your best not to, remember everyone is unique and different, everyone doesn’t think the same and what results people got matters differently for each individual depending on where they want to go in life.

If you’ve already been through an exam results day, what was your experience like?
and if you haven’t yet what are the biggest worries you have?