Top Christmas Films

Christmas films are absolutely one of my favourite things that help me get in a christmasy, festive mood and Yesterday when I was at my boyfriends house we spent the evening on the sofa, Christmas lights on, watching Christmas films, and that’s what has inspired me to write this blogpost.

The Grinch
Forever and always, The Grinch will always be one of my favourite Christmas films, it is practically a tradition for me to watch it The Grinch at least once at Christmas, if not multiple times.

Again, another tradition in my house is to watch Elf at Christmas time, I must have seen this film hundreds of times and it never gets boring (to me anyway)

Jingle All The Way
I  have to admit that I haven’t actually watched this film recently, but again it is one of my favourite films to watch at Christmas time and has been since I was younger.
A Christmas Carol
As long as I can remember every Christmas I have watched this film with my Mum on the sofa over the Christmas holidays, usually Christmas Eve.
Home Alone & Home Alone 2
I absolutely LOVE the Home Alone Films and have done for such a long time. On Friday I actually watched Home Alone 4 for the first time, yet I haven’t actually seen Home Alone 3, the first 2 have always been my go-to films to watch around Christmas time.
I hope you enjoyed this little, messy, a little bit all over the place blogpost, I haven’t had as much time as what I would have liked recently to write some better blogposts as I’ve been juggling between work and college but I am trying my best to stay active and post as much as I can. If you liked this little blogpost and would prefer to see more small, similar ones to this let me know in the comments or on Instagram or Twitter, the links are in my navigation bar and sidebar.