Five Reasons Why I’m Excited For Autumn

In all honesty. I’ve been in the “Okay it’s autumn, let’s watch hocus pocus and drink pumpkin spice lattes” mindset for basically a whole three weeks now…. Too early? Nah.
The second pumpkin spice lattes enter cafes – for me, is a clear signal that it is autumn time and oh boyyyyyy am I excited (!!!!) These last two weeks have been the most autumnal weeks of the year and it’s clear to say I have been in my element. I’ve had my first week back in college, I’ve embraced the cold weather, I’ve filled my asos wishlist with a million autumn pieces I’m probably never going to get around to ordering, I’ve had my first autumnal drink…. autumn is here.

Today I thought I’d share with you some of the reasons why I am looking forward to autumn this year. It’s become a habit of mine I suppose, every year so far I’ve published an autumn loving post and I didn’t want to break the tradition.

Food //

Is it bad that food is the first thing on my list? Maybe so. However it is no secret that I am SOOOO excited for all the autumnal snacks that I already know I’m going to be making and eating this year. I’ve got a whole list of bakes and sweet treats I’m going to make and share on my blog.

Style //

As I mentioned earlier my ASOS wishlist is now filled to the brim with new items of clothing I’m hoping to purchase (and wear duhh) at some point this autumn / winter. This is the first year where I’ve actually decided I wanted an autumn wardrobe and lets just say I am excited about it.

Autumn Evenings //

There is nothing better than coming home in the evening and snuggling up under a bunch of blankets. Am I right, or am I right? One of my favourite things about the autumn is being able to come home, get into my pyjamas, make myself a cup of tea or hot chocolate and sit on my bed or sofa under a collection of blankets and watch the tv…. Simple, but it’s probably one of the things that makes me happiest this time of year.

Halloween & Horror Movies //

It’s always around this time of year when I begin to watch more and more horror movies. Could it be because Halloween is right around the corner? Possibly, yes. There’s something about the darker nights that brings out the horror film lover in me – and I LOVE it (!!) I’m also super excited for Halloween this year, not because I do anything too crazy, but because I’m looking forward to a horror movie night at home with Jake, munching away on popcorn and autumnal snacks.

Pumpkin Spice Lattes //

Call me obsessed, but I am a huge lover of pumpkin spice lattes. As I mentioned, this week pumpkin spice lattes re-entered the coffee shops and so far I’ve had three (within the space of the last two days.)

These are just a few of the things that I am looking forward to this autumn. What are you excited for?
> Post inspired by the wonderful Poppy Deyes <