Gender Stereotyping

Gender Stereotyping is something which has and always will bother me. Speaking from personal experience I understand how frustrating it can be to be told that you’re not supposed to be interested in certain things because it’s not ‘for boys’ or that it’s ‘too girly etc… Gender Stereotyping is everywhere and it’s so common that most people don’t realize they do it. I personally do not like or agree with Gender Stereotyping, in any form, whether it be; Stereotyping what job someone should do, what clothes someone should wear, what TV shows someone should watch, what artists they should and shouldn’t listen to….The list is endless.
The idea that peoples interests and way of living should be based off their gender just doesn’t
make sense to me? Why should it be that girls aren’t always accepted as football players?, or builders? Why is it wrong to people that some boys want to become fashion designers?, or hairdressers?
Why are things supposed to be for gender? Why when someone has an interest in something that’s not ‘stereotyped for their gender’ are they mocked?
There have been a few situations this year where I’ve found myself in a discussion about gender stereotyping, and as I’ve said most people don’t realize they’re doing it and don’t do it intentionally. In modern day society it’s conditioned into everyone’s brains to think a certain way. So I always find myself trying to explain to people how gender specifications should not matter and do not rule a persons interests.
“White is a bit of a girly colour isn’t it” One of my close friends said this statement during a shopping trip, and I was confused what exactly she meant. It astounds me how easily people can tie everyday things to a gender. Colours are NOT gender specific. Nothing is gender specific.
I guess the entire point of this long rambling mess of a blog post is to get across the message that, If YOU like something, get it, do it, wear it, buy it, participate in it. Do not let everyday stereotypes hold you back from being your true self, Do not let other peoples opinions or blind judgement prevent you from doing things thtat you want to do. Society needs to change, NOT you.
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