How To Be A Better Time Manager




My best tips and tricks for time management

Location: Wales


ike most people would agree, I am possibly one of the worst time managers there is. Time management, it’s something I, and a lot of other people struggle to do; whether it be managing the time you have in the morning before you have to leave, or getting any work done before a deadline. It’s a lot more difficult to do once you’ve got into the habit of leaving everything till the last minute.
This last week I’ve been swarmed with college work, presentation after presentation and lots of work in my photography portfolio and I’ve really been working on getting everything done on time, as I know it’s not exactly one of my strong points.


Get the biggest / most important tasks out of the way before anything else.
If you have lots of assignments due in, lots of house work to do, or basically any other thing that’s going to consume lots of your time, I really recommend deciphering which of the tasks you have is the most important.
If you have a big presentation which is due to happen a day or two before your other work is due… Do the presentation first. If your pets cage needs cleaning because it’s smelling out the house, but you need to tidy your bedroom.. Clean out the pet first. As silly as it may sound to some of you, it can take some practice to actually be able to identify what’s most important quickly

Set Deadlines

Setting yourself little goals to achieve by a certain time or day is a great way to keep you focused and on track to finishing your task quicker. For example, if you have a 2000 word essay that you need to finish in a week set yourself the goal of 400 words a day. Sticking to and striving towards your goals is one of the best ways to get everything done quickly and effectively.

Learn To Say No

Where you can, it’s okay to turn down certain tasks, especially if you already have a lot to do… This is something I’ve started to do more now than what I used to, I had always been the type of person to agree to do almost every task I was asked to do, often leaving me with a million and one tasks to do in a very short period of time.
After I’d started turning down little things when I already had a busy schedule it made it so much easier to balance everything I had to do.

What are your top three time management tips? What helps you keep on track for your deadlines?