How To Keep Yourself Relaxed


With our lives so busy almost constantly every single day, finding time to relax and chill out amongst our busy work schedules is near impossible. Personally I find myself juggling work and college 6 days a week, and on the 7th day I’m usually that exhausted I sleep till mid-day and get up and do some blog work, or editing, before making my way out to take photos or do a little bit of shopping. 

As you can probably tell by my busy schedule, I too find it hard to find time to relax and boost my happiness that extra bit to get me through the week. Take this last week for example; it was the first week back in college, and for me that means multiple things, a lack of sleep, and no personal time. So I have to try and work these tips in at any chance I get, whether it be in the evening or a little break period throughout the day.

Listen to music
Listening to music is such a great way I find of putting myself in a great mood. I find that listening to music really relaxes me, I can sit for hours on end just listening to my favourite songs, or sometimes even the same song on repeat and can find myself feeling super relaxed.
Take a long bath
Don’t even get me started on baths. As you can probably tell by most of my posts, particularly my last post (which you can read here) I love having baths. Having a bath is, I think, my favourite way to relax and unwind at the end of a long day or a busy week.
Go for a walk
When I say this I don’t necessarily mean go for a long walk which will leave you exhausted, unless of course you do find that relaxing. I mean go for a short little walk, whether it be alone or with a friend or family member. Going for a long, slow walk to a place you love or somewhere pretty can be super relaxing and comforting.
Play a game
Playing a game you enjoy, whether it be on your phone, computer or gaming console, is a great way of relaxing and taking the time out of your busy schedule to have fun. I personally love playing games like The Sims, and a mobile game called “Sim City” which was introduced to me by Jake, and these are two games I’d definitley recommend playing. I’ve loved The Sims ever since I was little; I used to get up at around 7am and constantly play the game throughout the day until bed time, so I may be a little bias when I recommend The Sims as the game you should play.

Hot Drinks
I always find that sitting in bed at night, with a hot drink; tea, hot chocolate, coffee etc..  really relaxes me. It’s a perfect situation and something I regularly love to do when I want to unwind and relax.
Sitting in my room at night and lighting my favourite Yankee Candle with the lights off, really helps to set a relaxing mood for me. The lighting is extremely calming and the scents from the candles are amazing to smell.
Browse products online
Shopping, whether it be in store or just online can be such a great stress combating tip. Personally, I find shopping really relaxing, coming across new products and pieces I like, and even buying old favourite things makes me extremely happy.

Baking is one of my favourite things to do, even a passion of mine. I have always baked in my spare time, whether it be with my grandmother, my friends or just alone. Baking all sorts of things from cakes, brownies and cookies. I usually spend a little while looking around online for recipies and things which excite and interest me, and then I make them. 

What are your favourite ways to relax? Do you do any of the things I have mentioned above?