How To Push Yourself Further


Photography: Jake Mellor & Myself


Throughout our lives we are all faced with different situations and opportunities, some of which we grab the chance to have, and others which we dwell over before eventually dismissing them out of fear. There can be so many different reasons why we might be scared to face the various situations we are given in our lives, I personally know this is true from first hand experience.
In my life there have been a small number of situations I have avoided and turned down due to anxiety and nerves after letting them get the better of me, most of them social situations, such as days out with friends and loved ones, and other situations such as blogging ventures and even things like just not posting various Instagram posts over fear of being judged and ridiculed.
In today’s blog post I thought I’d share my views on this subject a little as it’s one which has had quite a big impact on my life. Anything you read in this post is just the view of me and an insight into my personal experience with anxiety and different situations I’ve been through, as well as the advice and tips I have used to try and overcome all the barriers I’ve faced. So bare with me and open your mind to my views and experiences and you just might read something which may benefit you.

Weighing Out The Outcomes: I can’t even begin to tell you how many various situations I have avoided because I was scared of what was going to happen after it. After creating my Facebook account when I was much younger, I didn’t actually change my own profile picture to an image of myself until around two years ago, literally only because of anxiety. At the time I was scared and anxious at what other people would think, what they would say and how they would be after I posted a photograph, whether I would be judged or mocked… Did any of these things happen? No! Did I need to spend such a long time worrying about it? No. If you’re dwelling over something you want to do or have to do, why not actually try and weigh out both sides of the outcome. List the Pros and the Cons of the situation and see if it is actually going to matter. I can probably imagine that 90% of the time, the thing you’re worrying about either won’t happen at all or will not be of any significance

Decide If It Matters: We all naturally spend so much time fretting over things which aren’t actually going to matter over a period of time. I chose not to go to the Chester Pride parade due to anxiety and nerves over the fact that there would be lots of people watching and walking around. In reality, I was completely worrying over nothing, going to the parade wouldn’t have had a permanent effect on my life, well any effect at all really and I do regret not going…. Don’t be like I was. If something isn’t going to have a bad impact on your life then there is no need to worry about it. You don’t want to regret missing out.

Compare The Situation: If you’ve been to / through a similar thing to what you’re dwelling over, compare how this new situation would be in comparison to the last. Would anything be better? Would anything really be much worse? Would you be going with the same people? Would you be going with different people? Doing this is a great way of reminding yourself that you CAN do it and there’s no need to fret.

On a different note on Monday I went on a spontaneous day out with Jake to a nearby little village and took what seemed like hundreds of different photographs.
I thought I’d share these images with you here in this post and across my Instagram

Alongside taking all the photographs we went on a mini conker hunt!

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