How To Get Your

Motivation Back


There are definitely times in life where I have felt uninspired and unmotivated. It’s normal. Not everyone can feel absolutely excited about something 24/7. Everyone get’s bored sometimes, even if you’re working in your dream job, earning your dream amount of money – there’s a chance that one day you’re going to feel a little unmotivated, and not necessarily want to get up and go to work in the morning. As you may or may not know I often have times where I take breaks from content creation, whether it be on my blog or on my youtube channels. In fact, there hasn’t been a video uploaded to my main Youtube channel for a number of months.
Whilst I do often take breaks like this, it’s not because I don’t want to be creating content, It’s not because I don’t want to be writing or filming. It’s because I often run out of motivation whilst trying to balance it with the other things I’m currently doing in my life – I’m not a very good multitasker, but I’m continuously working to get better at it. Often there are a number of little things that can be changed in order to reignite that motivational fire, for example, I find I work best at specific times, and in specific locations more than in others. So today I thought I’d share some things to consider, and once you have – hopefully you’ll be able to start feeling that little bit more motivated.




Like I mentioned briefly earlier on, I work better in certain places than in others. Strangely enough, I’ve found that this can vary depending on the type of work it is that I’m doing. Is this the case for you? Sometimes the environment that you’re working in can pose many distractions. Perhaps at home, there are too many electronic devices that instantly whisk away your attention. Perhaps in school/college/university, there are too many friendly faces that you can’t help but talk to. Perhaps you work better in an educational environment because you’re able to focus more, perhaps you focus more when you’re at home. Everyone is different, sometimes it takes a little bit of experimentation to figure out the working environment that suits you best.




Likewise, sometimes working in the same location over and over can become somewhat tedious. Every now and again it’s important to change it up – yanno, for your own sanity. It’s impossible not to get bored when you’re repeatedly in the same spot doing the same thing. Mix it up a little, take yourself down to a nearby coffee shop. Take yourself to a distant coffee shop, explore, find somewhere you’ve never been. Obviously, you don’t have to restrict yourself to coffee shops (they’re simply a personal preference of mine) however the free wifi is definitely a bonus when it comes to writing. Sitting outside on a warm sunny day – even if just in the garden, can be a huge change from the usual space, cooped up in your bedroom aimlessly typing away to get the work finished.



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This one is a deal breaker. Important, but often neglected… The time.
I couldn’t begin to tell you how many projects or assignments I’ve begun working on late at night. Whilst it does seem convenient – and admittedly just much more pleasing, to brush off working until the end of the day… It does also mean that you aren’t going to perform as well, and ultimately, find yourself wanting to go to sleep much sooner. I’m yet to meet someone who works there best when they’re tired – and when I do meet them, I’ll be extremely impressed. Are you one of those last minute people, I know I am, but it’s something I’m working to improve on! Rather than leaving work till late at night (when you’re going to be the least motivated), why not complete it early in the morning? Working after a good rest will not only give you a motivational boost, but you’ll also be refreshed and ready to complete it to the best of your ability.




Some people cope well under pressure. Taking on deadline after deadline after deadline. Some of us, however, do not. I always find that when deadlines begin to pile up, when the task list grows longer and longer, that I lose motivation to complete the work. Whilst that isn’t the case for everyone, it is one of the common things that brings down my effort levels. When there is so much work to do, the thought of attempting any of it seems far from enjoyable. There are however a handful of ways to help this:

Stop saying YES

We’ve all been in the situation where it’s seemed like the best option is to agree to do more. When your boss asks you if you’re willing to do extra hours, if you’re willing to complete an extra piece of paperwork. It adds up, and the more that you agree to these things the bigger that to do list is going to be. It’s important to know your own capability boundaries, and believe it or not, it’s okay to turn down extra work so that you actually have time to breathe.

Make time for YOU

It’s all well and good trying to be kind to others, but you must ensure that you make time to treat yourself. That cosy night in that you planned doesn’t need to be cancelled due to work. Prioritise, organise your schedule and do it when you have time. Looking after yourself and keeping yourself happy is one of the best ways to keep your brain happy. You’ll find that creating a balance of work and personal time will leave you feeling more motivated to get tasks done.




Lastly, let’s talk goals. Goals are something that we should all be setting regularly, I personally find that setting myself little goals throughout the day – whether it be what I want to finish, what I want to achieve etc… really can help me feel like I’ve “done something.” However, when setting goals it’s important to be, optimistic but realistic too. Make sure that the goals you set are achievable, otherwise, not hitting them can leave you feeling extremely deflated. Set little goals that you know are achievable! When you hit them that little feeling of success will keep you motivated to hit the rest of the goals you’ve set.