How To Finally Stop Procrastinating


Photography: Jake Mellor


am the worst when it comes to procrastinating. I always find myself really putting off the things I need to do, and wasting time whenever I can, and honestly it’s something I wish I didn’t do. I always have at least one thing I actually need to do, whether it be college homework, blog work or just photo editing and I always find myself leaving things until the latest possible time, doing almost every other unimportant task first and taking the longest time possible to complete them due to my perfectionist personality. Just this last week I’ve actually picked up around 4 homework’s, come up with 5 future blog post ideas and planned 2 photography days. To some people that will sound like a lot, and to other people it may sound like a little. The chances are if that sounds like a lot of work, you too are a bit of a procrastinator. The following tips are just a few of the things I like to do to try and stop myself from procrastinating and whilst they may not help everyone they certainly should give you some inspiration of ways to help you pack in your old procrastinating ways and actually start doing the things you’re putting off doing, on time.

Steer away from Social Media
As hard as it may sound and as tough as it may be, checking your Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts is probably the biggest distraction out there. I know that personally, the urge to not reply to that one Instagram comment, or check my favourite celebrities snapchat’s is near impossible. You’ll find however that when you keep off your phone as much as possible and actually don’t spend your time replying to and checking every notification that comes through will really help you to stay focused and dedicated to what it is you’re meant to be doing.

Allow yourself breaks
Nobody wants to spend all their time working, that would be awful. So to avoid falling in a slump after a long period of work, it’s good to allow yourself little breaks inbetween. Use this as the time to check all your accounts, respond to any messages and grab yourself a little bite to eat or drink as a little pick me up for the rest of your time. I always find that this really helps me not lose interest in what I’m doing.

Listen to some music
For me, I find that listening to music helps me to concentrate so much better than I would otherwise. I don’t know what the reason behind that is, but it’s true. This may not exactly be the case for everyone, some people I know find it almost impossible to focus with music playing, so you’d have to see if it worked for you, and if not, definitley stay away from music when you’re trying to focus.

Get the tough jobs done first
We all have jobs and tasks that we really don’t want to do, whether it be a 2000 word essay, 2 hours of video editing or just something like cleaning your bedroom. Get the jobs that you want to do the least out of the way first, keep the better jobs for last and that way they’ll feel a lot less intense.
Don’t be a perfectionist
If you’re waiting for the “perfect time” or the “perfect supplies” to get a job done, or won’t stop the task until you’ve done it “perfectly, you’re just coming up with excuses to not finish the task. “Quality over Quantity” is not always the case, if the task you’re doing doesn’t require perfection then you don’t need to constantly aim towards it. Just do your best.