I Am Falling Behind


 Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever had a busier couple of weeks than I have had recently. I’ve literally been rushed off my feet and any time I’ve not spent in college has been spent doing college work. (The painful life of a student aye) I’m not complaining here, I love the course I have chosen and the topics which we are studying, almost everything is enjoyable, the class is nice and everything is going well… I’m just slightly terrified I’m going to fall behind with my blogging, and that’s something I honestly really don’t want to do. 
The majority of the posts on my blog all follow a similar sort of theme, and it’s been such a long time since I’ve wrote a somewhat ‘rambling’ post, where I just talk and explain some things which are going on in my life. Now seemed like a really good time to do that, so here I am, at 9.20pm, Laptop on my lap and a cup of tea by the side of me, and I’m just going to do a more talkative, insightful post into my life and current schedule.
I apologise if you really hate these kind of posts, they’re not necessarily going to become a recurring thing on my blog. so if you have no interest in me or anything about me then this is probably the time to stop reading and maybe pop on the television or have a look at something else. But, as I was saying, I am a college student, the UK version of college though, not the american! I’m not exactly sure how to explain  the difference between them if I’m honest but I do know there is one. I am currently studying a BTEC Level Three course, it’s similar to A Levels, except the course consists of only course work, meaning I get to skip the stress and anxiety that exams causes me, which is one of the actual reasons I took a BTEC course, despite the fact that the course itself really grasped my interest. I have been at college already for  a year now studying Media Studies, which for any of you who may not have a clue what I am talking about, is different topics such as; film, photography, journalism, music videos, editing etc… I chose that course as it was something which personally just felt right for me, and as a blogger it seems sort of fitting that I chose a course which somewhat corresponds with blogging itself.

These last two weeks have been horrifically busy, as I mentioned in my How To Stop Procrastinating post, I have had four homeworks, which yes may not sound like a lot to some people, but they were pretty large homeworks.,and I also came up with five different blog post ideas which I haven’t had the time to finish yet due to my busy college schedule.
This is something which actually bothers me probably a little bit more than it should, as a blogger I try and create at least three new blog posts a week and this means working around a schedule to try and fit in the time for writing, photo taking and formatting all inbetween college, work and trying to cram in as much sleep as possible so my brain doesn’t fizzle out. Having such a busy schedule makes it so much harder to find the time to write out all the posts I have planned, and write them well and not be walking around like a zombie living off three hours sleep and six cups of coffee, so if I am slacking just a little bit bare with me whilst I work everything out.
As I’m currently studying a photography unit in college, this probably means you’ll be seeing some more ‘inventive’ and different types of photography throughout my blog posts as I’m going to try and work the photographs into my posts wherever possible, as I’ve done today. Don’t judge me though as I’ve literally only just began learning how to work the cameras and not take every photograph I have on my iPhone!… Exciting times and a hopefully much steadier schedule ahead.

I hope you enjoyed this little rambling post, it’s a little bit different from my usual posts and whilst it is a little bit less beneficial, it does explain a few things I wouldn’t have been able to say otherwise. Leave me a comment if you prefer these sort of more talkative posts? Or contact me on social media @jaacobblackwell, I love hearing your opinions.