My Insta Feed Favourites

I’m starting to feel like a bit of a bad blogger again. However this time, it’s not for the same reason. As you’ll know if you read my last blog post >>> here <<<  Jake and I have been working our lil butts off planning and developing our first set of products for Caption. It’s been a long crazy journey, but it’s been the primary reason I’ve been sooooo M.I.A the last few weeks over on my blog! Whilst we’re still working on everything for the foreseeable future that means I’m going to be working hard to write up all my blog content in my (limited) spare time! So hopefully everything should be a little more rounded off from here on out.
I’ve decided now’s the time to start getting myself into a little schedule with my posts ~ that’s right, complete dedication! Therefore from now on you can expect to find a new blog post up on my blog every Wednesday and Sunday at 7pm! (Make sure to keep an eye on my twitter for updates)

Anyway enough with my blabbering, lets get on with the post!

I thought today I would share some of my favourite Instagram posts I’ve uploaded recently. If you already follow me over on Instagram then you will have seen these all before (obvs) and if you don’t then here’s a little insight into the type of images I post.

Recently I’ve really been playing around with the filters and effects on VSCO Cam – the editing app I use. I’ve been editing each photo almost completely differently, and whilst before I used to stick to a consistent theme throughout my account or photographs… Recently I’ve been trying to work with what looks best on the image itself. It’s safe to say I’ve been LOVING how every photograph has turned out.

What types of images do you tend to post to your Instagram account? Comment your username and I’ll definitely check out your account!