Instagram Q&A

Recently I asked you guys to ask me some questions which I would later be answering in a Q&A, I admit I’m probably not the best at answering questions so I apoligise now if my answers aren’t as good as what they could be, but I’ll try my best:

Question One
Who is your inspiration?
This question is a tricky one for me, as I look up to and aspire to be like many different people, each of them for different reasons and aspects of their personalities. A mixture of both celebrities like Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga for the way which they express their views and opinions on serious topics, to my friends and family members for the way which they handle themselves and work through different situations. I admire these things so much in people and I think it really says a lot about them themselves.

Question Two
What is your favourite hobby?
I guess I don’t really have one specific hobby, I have a small collection of things which I like to do; Photography, Blogging, Going on long scenic walks and Watching Netflix pretty much sums up everything I like to do.

Question Three
What was your favourite school subject?
My favourite school subject was definitley Media Studies, which is why I pursued to continue to study it in college. It’s definitley a subject I enjoy a lot and preferably the area I would like to work in, in my future career.

Question Four
If you could meet one celebrity who would it be?
Last year I met Ariana Grande, and if that hadn’t have happened I probably would have been putting her name as the answer to this question, but now I guess since that as already happened I would have to say either Lady Gaga or Sia as I admire both of them so much.

Question Five
What is your favourite Instagram account?
I don’t really have a specific Instagram account which I would say is my favourite, I usually just look down all the accounts which pop up in my notifications.

Question Six
What is your current favourite song?
Definitely ‘Bang My Head’ by David Guetta featuring Sia, I have had this song on repeat practically since I have downloaded it.

Question Seven
Who is your favourite Youtuber?
I’m not really a ‘Youtube’ kind of person, I don’t really watch a lot of Youtube videos, but when I do I’m usually watching people like Zoella, Joe. Caspar etc…

Question Eight
How do you take artistic Instagram photos?
I usually just take pictures of practically anything I come across, usually nature, pretty buildings, objects etc and then edit them to fit my Instagram theme: Follow my tutorial for editing Instagram photos here. 

Question Nine
What is your favourite food?
Definitley Chinese food, there is nothing I love more than Chicken Chow Mein.

Question Ten
What is your favourite pass time?
Either blogging or spending time with Jake, both to me are super enjoyable and fun. I love blogging because I find it an extremely productive and I love writing content and receiving and responding to comments. I love spending time with Jake because it’s super relaxing and happy and nearly always puts me in an amazing mood.

I guess this blog post was a little bit of a messy one, but recently I’ve been super busy with work and college and haven’t really had a lot of time to write some good content, more better structured posts for you all. Hopefully things should be back to normal soon.
Thank you for the support
 Jacob x