Interior #Goals

Since creating my Pinterest account, typically I have spent lots of time searching through the website looking for home / interior inspiration, it’s my guilty pleasure… As you may know if you’re caught up on my blogposts and have read my Apartment #Goals post; I am a lover of exposed brick, urban looking homes. The combination of plants, white, brick and black practically sends my heart into overdrive. I couldn’t imagine anywhere nicer to live… With the exception of some fairy lights being added to make the place that extra bit more urban.

I’m still quite new to Pinterest, hence the 0 followers, but I have created a board on there which is already filled with Interior #Goals and I’ll continue to keep adding to it as time goes on. Feel free to follow it by clicking here. What is your image of a perfect home? Does it involve similar aspects to mine? Leave me your ideas below in the comments, and your pinterest accounts too if you’d like a follow.

– All images in this post are property of their original owners as I have taken them directly from my board on Pinterest.