Keeping Your Phone Organised

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Autumn is a particularly busy time for me, both as a blogger and in general. Pushing time to try and get out and shoot blog photographs before it goes dark, cramming all of my freshly handed course work into my schedule amongst the extra hours in work over the Halloween break… It may not sound like a lot but I promise you, I’m a busy bee. I realise I’ve written quite a few posts about how busy I am, and I promise that isn’t how this post is going to pan out, if that’s what you’re thinking! As a blogger, you can imagine that the majority of my time is spent on my phone doing one task or another. Being a blogger means I have multiple social media accounts across various networks, lots of emails and lots of work which I have to check and use throughout the day, and that’s probably one of the main reasons why to anyone who doesn’t know me, I must look like a complete technology addict. I am constantly glued to my phone. Nevertheless, whether you use your phone for the same purposes as I do, or if it’s just filled with apps and games, in this blog post I’m going to discuss some of the ways I try and keep my phone organised when I’m busy.

“Why do I need to organise my phone?”

I mean really, you don’t. Organisation doesn’t work for everyone, I know a handful of people who find it much easier to get through their day in an untidy work space (something I really can’t do), as they’re able to rummage and look for everything. On the other hand there are the people who like a little extra organisation in their lives, and find it easier to work if everything is in order and tidy… Everyone is different, so whilst some of my suggestions might seem useful to some of you. the other half of you might completely not see the point, but these are the things I try and do to keep my phone organised.


If, like me you receive quite a lot of emails every day and every week, things can get a little hectic as the emails keep flooding in and the little notification on the default ‘mail’ app on your phone just keeps going up and up until they’re all marked as read.
This is both extremely annoying and unpractical as you could possibly miss something potentially important. I’d really recommend only having your most crucial email account logged in on your phone’s default email app and using a seperate app such as your email clients official app, for any other accounts… or vice versa if you don’t like the default email app on your phone. Separating your accounts will make it easier to look through the important ones and declutter everything so you don’t miss out. 


How many unread notifications fill up your notification center on a daily basis? Having notifications on for the most important apps on your phone is a great way to declutter your notification center and make sure you see everything you need to. I don’t have notifications on for apps where I get regular alerts; Instagram, Twitter and Facebook etc… All of them have either been turned off. Doing this ensures that your phone notification center isn’t going to get filled up with unimportant things and you’ll see everything that matters. Cluttering everything as much as you can is a great way to keep organised and tidy.

Emojis On Everything

This is something you’re either going to love, or completely find pointless, but it’s definitley something I would consider doing. I use emoji’s to group the different contacts I have on my phone. Everyone who I work with has one emoji following their name, everyone from college has another, family have a different emoji, home numbers have a home emoji and takeaway’s have a pizza emoji. As weird as it may sound throwing an emoji at the end of a name and grouping them together makes it easier for me, when scrolling through my contacts, to find a specific person as I just have to look for the bright colourful emoji they’re listed under and then their name.

Make use of Albums & Folders

Basically every single phone these days allows you to sort your images and your apps into different seperate folders. This isn’t something I actually used to do up until the other month, but now I literally can’t  take photographs without sorting them into a folder so it’s easier to find the photos I want later on! App folders is not something I use so much, mainly just because I don’t actually have that many apps on my phone, but when I used to have many more apps on my phone it was a feature I really tried to make the most of!