Let’s Talk About, Stress



Five ways to de-stress yourself

To be honest last week was definitley one massive roller coaster of a week, After spending countless hours last Monday trying to finish a whole presentation for college, to presenting it, to just going through the rest of the week only to work all weekend… It’s safe to say I got a bit lost in the busyness of it all and found myself getting a lot more stressed than I probably should’ve over certain things throughout the week.
It’s somewhat safe to say I am an emotional person and my emotions, anxiety and stress do get the better of me, just having to do a presentation in front of my class was enough to send me into a stress and anxiety meltdown! Public speaking really isn’t one of my strong points, which is weird I suppose considering how much of myself I ‘put out there’ online, you’d think it would come naturally to me? Yet like basically everyone in my class I was a nervous, stressed anxious mess. So following that day I thought a time never seemed more apt to write a blog post about managing and dealing with stress. It’s something we all have to deal with almost every day in our lives in one form or another, stress can come at us in multiple different ways, whether it just be something not working or going as planned, or something small like homework or assignments. It’s normal to get stressed over basically anything, we all do it, and we all can deal with it in our own ways, so I thought I’d share some of mine with you all. I’m not saying that these things will definitley make your life completely stress free, they may not even assist you at all, but hopefully you’ll find some benefit to the things I suggest

Know The

Whilst this may seem fairly obvious, trying to acknowledge whats causing you to stress out can actually be fairly stressful itself, but once you’ve gotten to the root of whats causing the problem for you, you’ll be able to face it head on and tackle the issue. Once you’ve began tackling the issue you’re going to start feeling less and less stressed until you’re stress free once again.

Live in the

This is something I really struggle to do if I’m honest with you. I am a self confessed over thinker and I almost can’t do anything without worrying about the impact it’s going to have, never mind how much I over think things that have already happened and worry about them. All this over thinking and ‘distance’ from what is happening ‘right now’ is doing nothing but bringing un-needed stress to your life. Yes, some things need to be thought about, but you don’t need to spend your time worrying about what you’re going to wear in two days time or what the person at the supermarket thought of you. Try and live in the moment and enjoy life!

Get Up 

Go Girl

Exercise is one of the best ways to relieve stress from your life. I’m not exactly the most active person in the world, the very thought of exercise itself makes me want to sigh. Whilst I’m not exactly the type of person to get up and head to the gym, I do always find that going for walks or jogs are such an amazing way to lift feelings of stress out of my body… Healthy body, healthy mind (I’m pretty sure someone said that haha)

Bop To The 

Please excuse the High School Musical reference, I really couldn’t resist it, but listening to music is such an amazing way to help just forget about any stress and worries you have. For me there’s usually always just one song that really makes me smile and happy and want to dance. We all have one song that instantly puts us in the best mood ever, and if you don’t have one, you can have fun trying to find it.


Don’t spend your time dwelling on the past, life is too short to stress over things that have happened that you now have no control over. Focus on what you’re doing now and what’s happening now that you have control over.. That’s what’s important.
What are your tips for battling stress? Do you do anything I’ve recommended?