Lifestyle Changes We Should All Consider

Whilst I’ll happily admit that I’m not exactly the healthiest / fittest person in the world, and I don’t necessarily stick to a routine but there are a few tips which I try and consider in my every day life and these are some things I think everyone should consider too.

Drink more water.
This is something I imagine you’ve heard basically everywhere but it’s true, drinking more water has so many benefits for you, you just can’t imagine it: Water hydrates and nourishes our bodies, maximising our brain and physical performance. Drinking around 8 glasses of water a day (minimum) really will benefit you, your hair and skin will become more healthy and moisturised, you’ll feel full of energy and generally so much better in general.

Get your 8 hours sleep.
As obvious as it may sound to some of you reading this, not everyone (me included) always gets enough sleep. The average recommendation, healthy amount of sleep is about eight hours a night; getting this amount can have amazing impacts on your body and when you get into a good routine you’ll really feel the benefit at it’s best. When you get a lot of sleep it can really increase your energy levels and you’re mood, I for one know this and as anyone who’s seen me when I’m really tired will confirm, I am not a good person to be around when I am tired.

Actually exercise.
I don’t necessarily mean do a hard-core 3 hour work out, but going for a walk outside with some friends a few times a week is never a bad place to start. Exercising really helps to balance out some of the hormones in your body, it reduces stress and anxiety and also helps keep you in a great healthy physical condition. See, no negatives right? Combine this with the extra water, good amount of sleep and a balanced diet and you’re pretty much living a healthy (or healthier) life.

So that’s it, 3 fairly obvious but greatly important lifestyle tips that many of us actually don’t consider and act on in our lives. Why not try them out? See what impact they can have on your life!