Live in the Moment

Spending too much time thinking about things which just aren’t relevant, is something all of us do. Naturally our minds wander to different topics throughout the day. Things like work, tasks that need to be done, events that have happened, things that are going to happen… Our minds scatter over them all constantly making it sometimes very hard to stay focused, stay present, and to actually appreciate life as much as what we should. I know for certain that I do this, I’m constantly thinking about other things pretty much all the time, and when I get nervous / anxious this can sometimes become much more intense. I thought I’d do a blog post where I’d share with you some tips on how to help keep yourself focused, grounded and to help stop your mind from wandering:

“Ground yourself”
I admit it isn’t as easy as just forgetting about all the things which are bothering you, but at times when you find your mind wandering try and switch your mind back to whatever is happening around you, think over the various things which are around you, each person, each object, what is happening and how you are feeling.

“Be present”
Talking and interacting with the people around you, whether it be your friends, relatives or just a friendly stranger, making and joining in with conversation is a good way of keeping yourself preoccupied and doing that will prevent your mind from drifting to other things. 

Keep a journal
Writing down your thoughts and ideas will help free up space in your mind and also lift weight off your shoulders; You’ll find that you think less about the things which have been constantly bothering you when you have written them down and explained them in a journal, or if you don’t feel safe writing them down in a journal then you can always talk to a relative or friend who you trust, as this works just as well.. Voicing your thoughts and clearing your mind will help keep all the worries and unnecessary thoughts out of your head and you’ll have more room for filling it with happy memories and information you can use throughout your life. 

Don’t hold grudges / Avoid arguments
If you have an argument, as hard as it may seem; the sooner you let it slip from your mind, the less it is going to effect you. I try and leave arguments behind and not cling on to them and hold a grudge with a person, when you hold onto an argument and keep it in your mind you’re going to keep thinking about it until you both apologize or completely forget about each other. I’m a firm believer in just forgiving and forgetting or just clearing it from my mind. It’s either not worth stressing over, or they’re not worth the time.

I was literally only introduced to this week by my boyfriend, but after doing some research into it and practicing it I’ve found that meditating once a day is an extremely good way of helping to focus your mind back on the present. If you’ve never meditated before I suggest downloading the ‘Calm‘ App and following it’s program as it helps teach you techniques and ways to embrace yourself and your life and helps put nearly all of what I have been talking about this blog post into a relaxing perspective.