Looking GREAAAT on a budget

Not all of us have the money to splash out on expensive designer clothing. It’s just not a thing we all do, and that’s perfectly okay! I think the most expensive item of clothing I own cost around £70, I’m not exactly the type of person to splash out on something that’s just going to get tattered and messy throughout my typical days. Being a student and having a part time job means that I don’t necessarily need to splash out on expensive pieces just for the same routine.

However, just because you’re not exactly splashing out on expensive designer clothes doesn’t mean that you can’t look great. There are literally a hugeeeee bunch of ways you can look fab and save yourself money. These are just a few of the tips I personally use in my own life and thought you guys might be able to try out too!

Grab them discounts//

I’m not quite sure if this one applies to everyone or what any alternatives might be (I’m sorrryyy) but as a student you actually are able to get access to quite a lot of discounts online and in store. Most clothing stores like Topshop / Topman, Urban Outfitters, New look etc offer at least a 10% student discount. You’re able to access so so so many discounts online through various different services. I personally use UNiDAYS as it’s a great service which gives students access to hundreds of discount codes. All the stores you can think of are on there and it’s such a great way to save money when shopping for new pieces. Literally just the other day I ordered a new hoodie from BoohooMan.com and managed to grab it for £9 including shipping, all thanks to UNiDays. It’s definitely a website I’d recommend trying out.

Get thrifty//

Vintage shops, charity shops, discount clothing stores, thrift stores, Vinted, Depop, Etsy, even Ebay… There are soso many different places you can shop for really nice clothes at friendly prices (that sounded a bit like an advert slogan?….) I personally use a little app called Depop when I’m looking for some new pieces or even just inspiration for different products. There’s a vintage shop in Chester which I pop to occasionally and almost always buy something from. The list is endless.
Recently I was reading a blog post, along a similar topic to this one, where the blogger (don’t ask me who  –my memory is nottt that good) was explaining how they tend to have days where they get together with their friends / social group and actually swap and sell their unwanted pieces with each other (!?) This was something which both surprised and impressed me? I’d never really thought about it before, but it definitely sounded like a good idea.

Re-invent an old look //

You don’t always have to splash out on an entirely new outfit. Playing around with the accessories you pair with a look, I’ve found, can actually make it look like an entirely different outfit all together. Pairing the same ol’ pair of jeans with a snazzy new belt can completely change up your typical look. Layering a new jacket over an old hoodie really spices up your outfit.
Being someone who actually doesn’t buy that many new pieces of clothing a month I tend to use this technique quite a bit!