Mophie Juice Pack Plus

Earlier this month, not too long after getting my iPhone, my boyfriend bought me the Mophie Juice Pack plus in white, and honestly I can say it is the most useful and beautiful phone case I have ever seen.
Mophie is a brand which has been around for a while, however I had only stumbled across it at the beginning of this month. Mophie is known for making possibly the best iPhone charger cases on the market today. 

Juice Pack Plus / iPhone 6 & 6S : £109.95

Mophie cases come with a rather high price tag for a phone case, one which at first shocked me a little, but I can guarantee that they are truly worth the money.
The Juice Pack Plus offers 120% additional battery and a hell lot of protection for your iPhone, making it very unlikely to brake, or get damaged and practically impossible for it to run out of charge! The Juice Pack Plus does add some bulk to the phone, making it considerably thicker and heavier than what an iPhone is like without it, that personally doesn’t bother me, I like having a thicker phone and it helps reduce the feeling that you’re going to drop it on the floor. The case comes with it’s own Micro-USB charging cable, not the traditional Apple lightning cable and when you put the case on charge, your phone is charged first then the case itself, meaning that when you unplug it both are ready to go and you are likely not to need to charge them back up for roughly 2 days.