Neutrogena Haul & First Impressions

So yesterday I picked up a couple of products from the Neutrogena skin care range. The pink grapefruit facial wash, the pink grapefruit facial cleansing wipes and the visibly clear oil free moisturiser. The great thing about being a blogger is that I get to write about these different products and share them with you! It’s also a little booster which prompts me to purchase new products I wouldn’t necessarily have tried.  That was pretty much the case when it came to these products, but I had also heard numerous great reviews online.
As I mentioned in my blog post about some of the Mario Badescu products, I have very problematic skin so I’m always a little cautious when it comes to trying new skin care products just in case they make my skin break out further. But so far, I’ve had no issues.

Anyway let’s get straight into talking about the products;
I’m going to start with the scent of both the facial wash and the facial cleansing wipes… Never have I stumbled across a set of skin care products that smell as great as these do! Obviously, as you can probably tell by the title, they’re pink grapefruit scented. In all honesty I’ve never smelt a pink grapefruit so I couldn’t confirm how accurate the name is, but if it smells anything like this then I’m sure it’s pretty damn great. Not only do these products smell great, but they also leave your skin feeling super super refreshed and clean.
I’ve not actually had any cleansing wipes before, however these particular ones are definitely going to be making their way into my everyday routine!
The moisturiser is a little different to the one I’ve used in the past. Previously I’ve been using the “Simple | Hydrating Light Moisturiser”, but found that it contributed badly to how oily my face got throughout the day. I’ve actually only used the Neutrogena oil free moisturiser for a day so far, so whilst I can’t comment on the long-term effect the moisturiser has on my skin, for the day I’ve used it I’ve noticed that the effect on my skin is a drastic improvement from my previous moisturiser, and again is definitely going to become a permanent part of my skin care routine.

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