New Year, New Me?

“New Year, New Me”, it’s an expression which gets thrown around quite a lot around New Year. The infamous phrase of devotion to changing something in your life, which doesn’t always necessarily have an impact. Today I thought I’d take a minute to talk about New Years Resolutions and some of my best tips and tricks to actually ensure you stick to yours next year.

Clearly Define Your Goals

It’s easy enough to say “This year I’m going to get in shape”, but if you don’t have a clear understanding of exactly what you mean by that you’re not going to achieve anything. How much weight do you want to lose? How are you going to go about it? Whats your ultimate weight?… Every goal actually requires some thinking and planning before you can even get close to attempting to do it.

Track Your Progress

If your new years resolution is something you’re able to track, then you definitely should. Tracking how well you’re doing with something is a great way to motivate yourself further. I know that personally, if I can see progression it always gives me a boost to try harder to achieve what I want.

Know Your Supporters

Getting support in your mission from those around you is critical. Having encouragement from your loved ones makes your aim more of a team effort, than a solo mission and takes some of the pressure off.

Get Up When You Slip Up

Don’t accept defeat. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s normal! When you make a mistake, have a bad day or notice you’ve slipped up… Get back up and try again. Learn from every mistake and continue to aim for your goal.
Even if you slip up a hundred times, it’s never too late to try again.

These are just a few of my personal tips that you can try to help you actually achieve your New Years resolution next year. Do you have any personal tips?