Onwards and Upwards

Well, you may have noticed some changes around my blog, one of them being the way which I have been laying out my posts, but the biggest change however is that I have a brand new layout. In all honesty I am one of the fussiest people in the world when it comes to perfectionism, so getting the perfect blog layout is a tricky task for me. With the help of Mina from Underline Designs  we’ve taken the time to design and build this amazing new layout! (Well mainly my design and her amazing skills)
So let me give you a little walk through of the features on my blog:
– On the Homepage there is a slider showing the latest posts on my blog in a little slideshow which you can interact with and pick a post to read.
– Below that there is a category selector, where you can easily pick the type of posts you want to read and it loads up all of the latest ones for you.
– ‘Currently Loving’, this is a feature which I am really excited about! I own and love so many different items and products that I’m constantly sharing with you guys in my posts and on my social media accounts. Now you’ll be able to shop my most favourite current items from each week right from the homepage of my blog.
– About: For those of you who haven’t visited the About Page on my blog I have quickly written down the information in a handy section on my homepage.
– And then below that are three of my recent posts again, shown neatly in a grid for you to click if you want them.
– For those of you who are viewing my blog on a computer you’ll be able to notice that when hovering over the ‘Lifestyle, Fashion and Advice’ tabs in the navigation menu, a cute little pop up displaying the latest three posts from that category appears, this happens no matter what page you’re on making it much easier to get to the latest posts.
– The new and improved search bar can be found at the end of the navbar, when pressed it opens fully across the screen, allowing you to clearly search for and find whatever it is you’re looking for!

Helpful things
– Subscribe section: If you look at the very bottom of my blog you’ll notice there’s a handy little email subscription area, here you can enter your email, and every time I upload a new post to my blog, it gets emailed straight to you so you don’t have to always come on my blog itself. 
-Social links: At the top and the bottom of my blog are some links to my various social network accounts which you can follow me on and contact me using. Bloglovin, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. 
– Privacy and Disclaimer pages: It’s important to know exactly what information any website stores or gathers from your device, and I’ve outlined some of that information for you in the new Privacy and Disclaimer pages which can be found in the footer of my blog.
– ‘You Might Also Like’, I’ve even had a new and improved post suggestions section at the bottom of each post you read, a new layout and an all around more polished look means that it’s much nicer and easier when transitioning from one post to the other.
I hope you like my new blog layout as much as I do, I’m really trying to improve the all around look of my posts and blog in general and feel that everything is really starting to come together much more now! Any tips and advice would be extremely appreciated, I always love hearing from you guys so either leave a comment or contact me on social media with your suggestions. Thank you for being with me on this amazing journey, I appreciate you all so much!