Getting The Perfect Autumnal Instagram Theme

Getting The Perfect Autumnal Instagram Feed




I have been LOVING Instagram lately. Even more than ever before! There’s something about Autumn that just makes Instagram so so enjoyable to use. Whether it’s looking at other peoples new autumnal instagram feeds, or crafting one yourself. What’s most important when creating an autumnal Instagram feed? Your theme.

I’m one of those bloggers, who loves a good ol’ theme on Instagram. Some people love them, some people hate them. They can be hard to keep up, but more often than not,when done correctly they look amazing. What I’ve never been though, is a seasonal feed person. This year however I thought I’d give it a go (and I don’t think I’m doing a bad job!)

Finding the perfect Instagram theme can be a tricky job. I spent weeks trying out different filters, posting and deleting pictures and trying to get it just right. If you follow me on Instagram you probably will have noticed this. This wasn’t because I hadn’t planned my feed out, but because I kept changing my mind over and over. I started out with a very low saturation feed, switched it to a high saturation one. Now I’m somewhere in the middle with a filter I love!

I thought I’d write a little post and share all my tips and tricks with you, so that hopefully you’re able to craft a feed you’re in love with this Autumn. 



Photography is the most important part of Instagram. After all, the whole app is a place to post photo’s and videos. The one thing to do when trying to bring a nice looking feed together is perfect your images. Whether that means improving your camera, or just how you frame pictures – make sure you’re using the best techniques you can to ensure your pictures turn out as amazing as can be. (I personally take my photographs on my iPhone 7 Plus. It’s portable, always with me and takes amazing pictures!)


Getting The Perfect Autumnal Instagram Feed


Whilst it’s all well and good taking a picture, sometimes you need to be that little bit picky as to what makes it onto your feed. Don’t just upload every image you take. When taking a new picture make sure to try a combination of angles. Use a combination of poses. Try capture the best background possible, then from all the pictures you take, narrow it down to the best picture.




Possibly my favourite tip of them all is to pick a filter that you are in love with. Filters (in my opinion) are the glue that holds an account together. They really can make or break your feed. A filter completely changes your photos and your account as a whole – making it, for me is the best part about planning out your Instagram.

How do you pick the best filter?


Firstly you need to look at the types of pictures you’ve taken / that you take.

Import them all into your editing app of choice (in my case it is and always has been VSCO)


Find a filter that compliments the images you take
Test out a bunch of different filters! Try them out and try to find one that makes your photos look as good as can be.


Apply that filter to each and every one of your photos!


Another little tip would be, to try and take photographs with a similar colour scheme throughout them. For example, this year I have tried to include very Autumnal colours throughout each of my photos; orange, green, black, red, yellow etc… Combined with a great filter and good photography you’ll easily be able to build a feed of gorgeous images!