Printing With Printiki* & Giveaway

Not too long ago I was emailed by a little photograph printing company called Printiki who offered to send me some printed photographs of mine. Obviously being the hugeeee photography lover I am I jumped at the opportunity and ordered a whole load of photos as soon as I could. I opted for a medium sized, Polaroid style print with a matte finish and lets just say I’m really really impressed. In all honesty the prints turned out to be of a much higher quality than I originally expected. I don’t know if it’s just because I hadn’t heard of the company before or because I’m just a super nervous person, but I was definitely really pleasantly surprised when they popped through the post box this morning!

Not only are the prints of a super high standard but they also got printed, shipped and delivered super quickly, which again is another thing which both surprised and impressed me!
There’s something about having photographs printed off which just makes them seem that extra bit more special? Y’know?… The list of what you could do with them is endless; I’m personally probably going to put all these in a scrapbook or up on my wall in my bedroom, as these are just some of my favourite ways to look back on┬ámemories and photographs.

But wait…. there’s more!

Not only have the kind team over at Printiki been kind to me, they’re also being super generous and allowing me to run a giveaway for you guys! One of you is going to win a load of free prints! You can enter below, simply by completing all of the steps.

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I was sent the prints for free, but all opinions are purely my own