The Problem With Social Media | #NoFilter

The online community is such a fake place. I’m not saying that the people are fake. I’m not saying that people’s content is fake. I mean, it’s a place of fake expression. – Does that make sense? I don’t know. Let me explain… Nowadays we all spend basically 90% of our time scrolling down some form of social media. Uploading photos, posting snapchats, putting ourselves and our private lives out there for others to see.
Even if you’re not a blogger or a youtuber, or just a “big” social media personality. You’re probably almost always putting certain aspects of your life out there for others to see. All’s well and good with that, but when it comes down to it, the majority of what we see and share online isn’t actually a true representation of ourselves or our lives.

Take celebrities for example. We’re constantly bombarded with a load of tweets, instagram posts etc from our favourite celebrities all day everyday. Sure sometimes we’re given an insight into their vulnerable side, or their not so glamorous aspects of their lives. The majority of the time however, all we see is the glamorous events, expensive clothes and luxurious houses they live in. We’re constantly shown images and aspects of a life that’s so vastly different from our own and it can sometimes leave you feeling a little bit glum.
Social media is a place where people can choose which parts of their life they want to share with other people, and more often that not it’s only the good things which make it out there for others to see.

I’m guilty of it myself, I’m not just sitting here typing this with no understanding. I tend to only put the parts of my life which I feel happy enough to show, online. After all, who wants to post a picture of their split jeans, breakouts, unhealthy unappetizing dinner online. We pick and choose the best features from our otherwise mediocre days and put them out there for other people to look at, creating false personas, giving the wrong impressions on our otherwise basic and simple lives.

Whilst it’s not exactly a bad thing, or something that needs to change. I think it’s super important that the message is actually spread that “Nobody’s life is 100% perfect”, at least to stop younger people, or less fortunate people from feeling like their own life isn’t as good as someone else’s just because they’ve seen it online. Everyone has bad times, everyone has days where they might look a bit awful, not everyone has expensive clothes, perfect skin, the latest technology….. and there’s no problem with that at all. Try and spend more time in real life, loving what you have and the people around you. It’ll be the best thing you do all year!