Recipe | A Chocolate Cookie Dream

What do you do with a free afternoon and a whole load of chocolate? Rather than sitting in front of the TV eating away to my hearts content, today Jake and I decided to bake some cookies! Just to put it out there already for you, we are by no means expert bakers, in fact I think the last time either of us actually baked anything was Christmas 2015 when we made Christmas cookies. So, well.. Don’t judge us too harshly!

Whilst browsing online we actually stumbled across a video on Facebook with this particular recipie in it…. Nutella filled chocolate chip cookies! Obviously we couldn’t resist the temptation to try it out and instantly ran to the kitchen, whipped out the measuring scales and the ingredients and got to work.



You will need:
– 75G Plain Flour
– 1 Large Egg
– 275G Nutella
– 60G Chocolate Chips

Makes 12 cookies.


Firstly | Pre-heat your oven to 180°C / Gas mark 4.  Also you’re going to want to grease a baking tray or two or line it with grease-proof paper to make sure the cookies don’t stick to the baking tray.

Secondly | Combine the flour, egg and Nutella in a mixing bowl. Mix the ingredients together with a spoon, basically until it’s as smooth as possible. Then you need to add in the chocolate chips.

Thirdly | You’re going to want to grab a little clump of the cookie dough, small enough to roll into a ball, but big enough to be able to put Nutella inside. (an awful description I know, but you can always use the image below as a reference) Take the mixture you’ve just selected and in your hand roll it into a ball. Once in a ball you’re going to want to place it down on a counter. I’d suggest dusting the counter with flour first so that the dough doesn’t actually stick to the counter itself!

Next | Flatten the ball you just made down on the counter and place a spoonful of Nutella in the center. (This is EXTRA Nutella, not included in the 275G mentioned in the ingredients list, make sure you have used that amount in the mixture itself) You could also add more chocolate chips if you wanted as well. We opted for some with just Nutella, some with just white chocolate chips and some with the both. It’s really up to you!

Finally | You need to fold the flattened down cookie dough back into a ball, folding the edges in to keep the Nutella / chocolate chips in the center. It doesn’t matter too much if it’s not neat or if the Nutella doesn’t actually stay in the center, it’s just always nice if it does! Once successfully rolled back up place the ball on your already greased baking tray. Repeat the steps over until you’ve used all the mixture and then place in the oven for 10 minutes.

A little tip: If the cookies are still a little soft when you take them out of the oven, do not put them back in. Unless you can clearly tell that they’re not cooked, you should leave the cookies out of the oven to harden. Otherwise they’ll begin to harden in the oven and burn a little. We actually didn’t take ours out for just over ten minutes and as a result of that they did burn slightly around the edges. However they still tasted great!!

Our cookies may not necessarily look like the nicest things in the world, but they tasted AMAZING (!!)
If you attempt this recipie please make sure you tweet me some photos of your Nutella chocolate cookies @jaacobblackwell