As you may know I began Roaccutane treatment for my skin a little while back. All the way back in November I was told during a dermatologist appointment that I was going to be beginning treatment on one of the most controversial tablets on the market. The aim of the treatment was to improve the condition of my acne prone skin and help to clear it up, preventing future scars and dark spots. As I mentioned the drug is quite controversial, known for its wide variety of side effects; both physical and mental.
As I began the treatment in November, the weather was already extremely cold. When it’s cold our skin naturally becomes drier and a lot more ‘dull’, throw Roaccutane into the works and it’s going to be twice as dry – due to the fact that the tablet stops oil production. This quickly came into effect and I instantly went on the hunt for some products to test out and use in order to combat these problems.



There’s no question that when you’re on Roaccutane, you’re going to need to use A LOT of moisturiser. As I mentioned earlier, Roaccutane is extremely drying. Both your skin and lips are going to need a whole lot of TLC whilst taking the tablet. Over the last couple of months, I’ve switched between two moisturisers, both of which, I’ve found – are equally as good. If you’ve been reading my blog for a little while you will have previously seen me mention some moisturisers in my older favourites posts. One particular moisturiser that I have repeatedly mentioned across my blog in the past has been the Neutrogena oil-free moisturiser. Let’s just say that it has finally made its way off my list. When looking for moisturisers to use on Roaccutane you actually need to look for the most ‘moisturising’ one possible (that sounds silly, I know) as in any weather – especially the cold… You’re going to need it.

The two moisturisers I’ve been using have been the Effaclar H moisturiser and a good~ol tub of Dermol, given to me by the pharmacist. Both of these moisturisers are super hydrating, however I have found myself leaning more towards the Dermol, primarily because it’s HUGEEEEE in comparison to the Effaclar H moisturiser




Whilst it’s all well and good ensuring you take care of your skin when you go outside, it’s extremely important to ensure you’re using the right products to wash your skin first thing in the morning. Admittedly I haven’t tried that many facial washes, in fact, I have used the same one since I began treatment all the way back in November. Multiple bottles – obviously. The facial wash I have been using, and LOVING is the Effaclar H facial wash.
I discovered this product through watching Katie Snooks’ Roaccutane recommendations video (Which I 100% recommend checking out) and I haven’t looked back since.




When it comes to lip balm, I have tried out sooo many, I may as well own the whole shelf at boots. I have worked my way through numerous little pots of vaseline. Through numerous sticks of Nivea lip balm. Through countless sticks of O’Keefs lip repair balm. I understand that it’s a given thing, I imagine anyone reading this that has been taking Roaccutane will know the struggles of dry lips. Personally out of the products I’ve used, the one that I have found myself purchasing repeatedly has been ol ~ trusty vaseline. It can do no wrong!



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