Shifting The Back To School Blues


“I wish I was still asleep”


Well, the summer is rapidly coming to and end and if you’re not already back in school you’ll be starting very soon. We all know the feeling, getting out of bed first thing on the first day back, after a whole period of not having to rush around, leaving the house and instantly wishing we were back in  bed. 
It all seems like doom and gloom on the first day of school, but it doesn’t have to always be that way. This summer I’ve not exactly spent a lot of time lounging around the house, if I wasn’t getting up early for work, I was getting up early to go out and shoot blog photos or just lounge around with friends. I didn’t really give myself the ‘relaxation time’ I probably should have, and I am currently finding myself actually looking forward to go back to college!
I thought I’d share some of my own ideas which I use to shift myself from the bad mood I’m in about the first day, to a good one.


Having a nice cup of coffee in the morning really does help to wake you up and get your brain going. When you’re more awake, you’re not going to be desperately craving your bed, the desperation to wrap yourself up in your duvet all day will disappear and you’ll be much more ready for the day ahead


Treating yourself to a nice relaxing pamper evening the day before you go back, or even the evening after is an amazing way of helping with any stress you might be feeling. Grab some facemasks and beauty products, stick on a film and relax, even do this with a couple of friends after school so you can all de-stress together.

Be around friends

Surrounding ourselves with people who make us laugh and smile is key when it comes to shifting any negative feelings we have. This applies to so many different situations not just the dreaded return to school or college. Be with your friends as much as you can, laugh as much as you can and enjoy your time.

Think of the Outcome

As hard as it may seem, thinking about the long term outcome and what you want to get out of your time in school / college really helps to keep you on track and even excite you for the future. Chances are the things you’re studying are going to help you work towards the dream future you want for yourself, so that’s one reason to try hard and enjoy what you’re doing.
What are your tips for beating the back to school blues? What is your ideal dream job or your best tips for achieving what you want?