So Long 2016

Happy New Year!  I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of you who might see this all the best for the new year in all that you may do, and all the happiness and joy in the world. 2016 is OVER – finally. It’s safe to say last year was a low point for the world. It was a year filled with so much negativity, upset and pain. Yet it’s a year which I feel in some ways has brought us together (despite how much it’s tore the world apart.) Last year, like the years before I never actually had a new years resolution. I was unprepared and somewhat unmotivated, I didn’t really have much of an idea of where I wanted to go in life and I guess you could say I was just scraping by, going with the flow and seeing what happened. This year however, for the first time that’s not actually the case for me. This morning when I woke up, after I’d made myself some breakfast and had a lovely relaxing bath (what a perfect way to start the year, am I right?) I actually sat down and wrote down a list of some of my personal, blogging and community goals that I really want to work on throughout this year.

Blogging | Is it a little cliché that I want to work harder on my blog this year? I guess you could say that. Nevertheless I really do want to put as much effort into my blog this year as I can! There are multiple things I would love to work on; expanding my readership, interacting with more bloggers and becoming a bigger part of the community… I’m actually both surprised and disappointed that I haven’t already done this! There’s a small handful of blogs I regularly read and comment on, but I’ve really not been a very interactive blogger in 2016, and that’s something I really want to change. If you’re a blogger and you want to interact more feel free to begin commenting on my blog posts as I’m definitely going to be interacting more with different bloggers I stumble across. I want to work on publishing my content more regularly. I’m going to start trying to publish to a schedule and really kicking my butt into gear when it comes to my writing standard and upload days, as they’re currently a bit all over the place. Not only do I want to get my blog up to shape, I am also planning to work harder with my Youtube channel. I’ve been working recently to try to come up with a schedule for it all, so I can try to upload possibly one video a week (or at least one video every two weeks.) Whether it’ll happen at the beginning of the year, I don’t know. By the end of the year though I want to be fully invested in my channel and my blog and have all my content much more regular than what it currently is.

Business | Jake and I have spent quite a while now brainstorming ideas for different areas we would love to dabble in. Infact, we’ve almost finished planning something which we’re hoping to put out into the world during the first half of the year. I’d love to be able to share some more information on this with you all, but I can’t divulge any more information until everything is finalized and in the final stages.

Anxiety | I guess you could say that one of the biggest drawbacks for me throughout 2016 was my anxiety. It’s one of those things which has always held me back in different situations. For example, with Youtube. I’d always felt anxious and nervous about uploading videos. Despite how much I really wanted to use my Youtube channel, every time I had an idea for a video or I’d had the chance to record one I had always let my anxiety get in the way. I have mentioned this before so I won’t talk about it too much for the sake of repeating myself. Not only has anxiety got in the way of my online life, but in some situations it has actually prevented me from enjoying myself in different social situations throughout the past year.
In 2017 I’m definitely going to work harder to push myself in situations where I feel anxious and really try to overcome most of the unnecessary fears I have!

These are just a few of the things I’m going to focus on throughout 2017, there are so many more things that I could have talked about, but for the sake of your sanity and boredom I thought I’d stop there! I personally think it’s so important to set goals and have ideas of what you want to work on and where you want to be in life. This can be done all throughout the year, but new year always seems like the perfect opportunity! Especially since you can reflect back on your progress this time in 365 days.

What are some of the things you’d love to focus on throughout 2017?