Instagram Q&A

So recently I have been spending a lot of time posting posts to my app for you all. For those of you who haven’t downloaded my app (Firstly why the hell haven’t you, you’re crazy) this is my Instagram Q&A.

Question One
“How are you so artsy?”
I don’t really know if I’d class myself as an ‘artsy’ person, I just have an eye for pretty things and I’m an extreme perfectionist and sort of personally can’t deal with things which look messy and unorganized or out of place: I think this reflects in my Instagram account as I really try and get a theme or a ‘look’ going through all of my pictures to create a consistent visually appealing account, and I basically photograph every thing in existence.

Question Two
“Whats your favourite place you’ve been to?”
I haven’t actually been to that many places in general but I would say that my favourite so far is definitley Manchester, I really like the vibe of cities and the look of the buildings there. It has such a different atmosphere compared to the town where I live in now and it’s an atmosphere which really appeals to me.

Question Three
“What do you enjoy most?”
One of my favourite things to do is to go for long walks when it’s warm and the weather is nice and take lots of photographs of the scenery and buildings.

Question Four
“Where do you want to live?”
I definitley want to live in a large city / a place with a busy atmosphere and lots of shops. I think ideally I would love to move over to America, to somewhere such as New York or just London or Manchester over here in the UK.

Question Five
“What is your dream job?”
I think I would love to work as a writer, blogger or editor for a magazine. This is something which has always appealed to me as it’s just something which I already enjoy doing, writing my blog as a hobby has definitley helped me decide this and helps to push me further in that direction as I’m ultimately having more experience and learning as I go.

Question Six
“Why did you make an App?”
I actually created my app to run alongside and correspond with my blog All of my content from my blog gets automatically inputted into my app for you all to read, also I have lots of exclusive content and other little extras on my app which you can’t see on my blog.

Question Seven
“How old are you”
Despite looking a lot younger than my actual age, I am seventeen years old.

Question Eight
“Favourite Food?”
I love such a wide variety of food, and whilst i’m not exactly a healthy eater I do try to throw quite a bit of healthier food into my diet on a regular basis, but some of my favourite foods include things like: Grilled Chicken, Vegetable Stir Fry’s, Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries and Sweet Potatoes.

Question Nine
“Where would you travel to if you had the chance?”
I would definitely travel to America and possibly travel around a few of the states, definitley New York and Los Angeles as they’re places I’ve always wanted to go to. I think I would also like to visit Paris as well.

Question Ten
“How do you create a nice Instagram feed?”
Get yourself a theme. I hadn’t always had an Instagram theme and I have changed it up a few times and deleted all of my photos and restarted my feed, but before Jake first introduced me to the idea of themeing I used to just post near enough all of my photos in black and white to keep it consistent.
To make sure all your photos on your account flow consistently and look nice together it’s important to like pick a filter / editing style to apply to ALL of your photos and only post photos which look good in the style you’ve chosen. This is literally the best tip I can think of for anyone looking to improve the look of their feed.