Stop Trying So Hard!

Honestly these last few weeks I’ve really let my blogging game slip again. I’ve been so distracted by Youtube and other little projects I’m working on… that the ability to write a post I’m happy with has just not been there. I’ve been becoming frustrated and angry… Annoyed and upset. I genuinely have five blog posts sitting in my drafts that I’ve just abandoned as no matter how hard I’ve tried they just aren’t sounding how I want them to sound. I’m not getting across the message I want to convey.

I’ve always been one for setting unrealistic goals for myself, or to better phrase that.. I’ve always had extremely high expectations. It’s just what I do. Whilst it could be considered a good thing, a strive of motivation to do the best I can. It can also have such a bad impact.
You see, the blogging world is very competitive; and whilst people say “You should only write when it feelsĀ right“, every blogger out there knows that there traffic comes from consistent content. I’m going to be honest with you here and say that my blog views have honestly DIED in the last month. Where I was succeeding before I am now back at the beginning and I couldn’t be more disappointed with myself.
Finding a way to balance all of the things I want to do is definitely something I am working on, but it is extremely frustrating to fall behind on one thing and not be able to put it right.

That’s where the negativity of having high expectations comes back into play. For the last week or two I’ve been starting and stopping blog posts. I’ve been writing and deleting paragraphs for what feels like forever, all whilst seeing how much my blog has dropped in the consistency that you all loved. It frustrates me. However it wasn’t until I actually purposely took a week away from working that I realised….. I was trying too hard. I’ve been stressing beyond my limits over my content and trying to make it as perfect as can be, that it was stopping me from producing any content at all.
Whilst I’ve said countless times that it’s quality over quantity… You don’t always need to scrutinize a blog post for hours until it’s as perfect as can be. Write what you want to write about. Include the images you want and express yourself and your thoughts in the work you create.


Don’t stress so much…. and STOP TRYING SO HARD.


I guess the message of this is; it’s okay for things to be a little off. You’re allowed to publish something that may not make a whole lot of sense, as long as it’s what YOU WANT. A blog is supposed to be your peace of the internet. Your little place to share what you want to talk about, how you want to talk about it. Not to try to compete with other people. Do you.