Summer! || Open Diary

These last few days have been some of the craziest, and best days of my life. Not because I’ve done anything too crazy, just because they’ve been days that have really given me that much needed time to chill out and relax. Let me tell you a little bit about them ~ what I did, where I went, who I was with (you get the idea.)

I’ll start off with Saturday. As, well that’s the day that comes first in this crazy little adventure of a weekend. On Saturday I took a trip down to Manchester with a close friend of mine. We were going to see The Vamps in concert as she’d asked me to attend with her early that week. I must admit I had never really listened to them before, I didn’t know many of their songs and the only time I’d heard them is when they had been playing on the radio in work. Nevertheless I went, played a whole load of their songs in the days leading up to the concert and had an amazing time! Manchester is quite a while away from where I live, and after the concert we actually had to grab a train and a lift back home (after almost two hours of delays.)

The day afterwards I was staying in Jake’s house. As I was exhausted and worn out we didn’t really get up to too much, but found ourselves engrossed in season one of Bates Motel ~ which I think has now become, possibly my FAVOURITE series ever.


On Monday morning Jake and I took a little trip down to Starbucks (our favourite place in the world) and ordered some drinks – obvs. Whilst Jake stuck to our typical “Iced Vanilla Latte”, I opted for something slightly different and tried out the new “Cold Brew Vanilla Sweet Cream”.  We stayed there for near enough two hours, as we usually do when we go, talking about life and the future.
There’s something so relaxing about a chilled conversation in a coffee shop, don’t ya think?

Photography Walks

One of my favourite things to do is to take walks out and about and take lots and lots of photographs. I’m definitley a photography addict, so whenever I go for a walk I’m constantly stopping to photograph absolutely everything I see. After our trip to Starbucks we took a wonder around and a whole load of images for Instagram (as we usually do.)


What have you been up to this week?